CMS craze !

Apart from the Mighty CMS’ Joomla and Drupal that dominate the Web world, there are a lot of them
that have been the brain child of PHP-My SQl enthusiasts. Lets have a look at some of them :

Simple CMS

“SimpleCMS is a flexible modular-based content management system.
SimpleCMS’s goal is to be a CMS that is so easy to administrate and install, anybody can use it.”

download  simple cms

eZ Publish

eZ Publish (pronounced “easy publish”) is an open source enterprise content management system developed by the Norwegian company eZ Systems.
eZ Publish is freely available under the GPL licence, as well as under proprietary licenses that include commercial support.

The software is widely used in web applications of varying type and size worldwide,
among them MIT (specifically the controller’s office),[3] Vogue magazine, NASA, the US Navy DASN and the Swiss public broadcasting organisation Schweizer Fernsehen.

download and other details here


CMSimple is a free content management system. It aims to be simple, small and fast. As it is written in PHP it runs on Linux/Apache servers, or on Win32 with Apache or IIS. CMSimple is licensed under the terms of the Affero General Public License.
CMSimple does not need a database as it writes page data directly to a HTML file on the web server. This simplifies installation and backups, and also makes CMSimple a low cost option on web hosts which charge extra for database access.
Configuration files and language files are also saved in txt format. Like many Content Management Systems, CMSimple offers a wide variety of plug-ins, including many made by third parties.

download and other details here

Nucleus CMS

Nucleus makes use of a callback function which has led to a plugin system that has inspired somewhere in the order of 50 to 100 distinct plugins.
The general drive within the development community is that functionality should exist as plugins as totally as possible.
This philosophy has led to a relatively light and uncluttered base install.
Blog:CMS is a (currently less stable) fork of Nucleus CMS with several plugins pre-installed and a number of other projects added in.

download and other details here


Its creators describe phpCMS as a highly flexible flat file, no SQL, Web CMS with complete content/logic separation.
Like many content management systems, phpCMS intends to simplify a lot of tasks for the maintenance of complex web sites.
download and other details here

thats not all! there are lots and lots and lots of them !!!!!

here is a complete list of all CMS
make use of this CMS Locator Service

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