A graphical Basic language for Linux with objects and plug-ins !

Now what does that mean to you?

It means that you can create VB like applications and more powerful professional looking softwares rapidly.

Want to know more the click here .

And now that you know what  GAMBAS is ,get started !

The following links will help a beginner to get started with Gambas:

The best beginners ebook on Gambas :

A Beginner’s Guide to Gambas

by John W. RittingHouse

(Google it to get the download links !)


  • Introducing Gambas
  • Gambas Language Concepts
  • Keywords and Program Flow Control
  • Introducing the Gambar Toolbox
  • Controls for Gathering Input
  • Menus, Modules, Dialogs and Message Boxes
  • Handling Strings and Converting Data Types
  • Using Advanced Controls
  • Working with Files
  • Math Operations
  • Object Oriented Concepts
  • Learning to Draw
  • Error Management
  • Mouse Keyboard and Bit Operations
  • Gambas and Databases
  • Global Gambas

Useful Links :

Excellent GAMBAS forums :

So why are you hesitating  ??! When is your first software release ??

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