[Windows] Setup your own PHP and MySQL web server in minutes

Many applications in languages like PHP and CMS like Joomla  require the use of a local webserver to test and debug applications.

IIS can be used in Windows, but, PHP and mySQL needs to be installed separately for IIS.
As an alternative,i recommend  WampServer can be used.

WAMP = Web server + PHP + mySQL

WAMP is a one click install web server, just install the software and it will start to run in system tray, click on it and select “Put online“.
Your website / web application needs to be placed inC:\wamp\wwwfolder, if “C” is your system drive.
Your webserver can be accessed at this location, http://localhost/ or
Make sure to allow firewall exceptions in order for the server to work.

download WAMP2.0 here


One comment on “[Windows] Setup your own PHP and MySQL web server in minutes

  1. I have Checked few of PHP local servers and
    came to conclusion that WAMP Server IS the best out there.
    Easy to install, Intuitive to work with.

    Great software for all PHP developers out there.

    If you using Skype while working on developing
    Make sure to start WHAP before Skype (and not the other way around).
    That the only “bug” I have found.

    Strongly recommend to use it!

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