Advanced Programming in C

UNIX System Calls and Subroutines using C

location :

It is an excellent site for intermediate and advanced C programmers.

The course contents include

  • Using UNIX System Calls and Library Functions
  • Running UNIX Commands from C
  • using execl(), fork(),wait(), exit()
  • Piping in a C program
  • IPC
  • Socket programming
  • Thread programming etc….

Lok Sabha MPs to stay connected via SMS-India

Parliament was looking for a solution to bridge the gap of communication during ‘no session period’ between the members of both houses
The Lower House of the Parliament, Lok Sabha has tied up with enterprise mobile messaging services provider ValueFirst for staying in touch with its members.
The Lok Sabha Secretariat would use the messaging services to communicate with internal stakeholders and public alike with critical information directly, using this service. The system would enable them to send messages to multiple mobile phones covering all service providers in India.

source:Wall street



A graphical Basic language for Linux with objects and plug-ins !

Now what does that mean to you?

It means that you can create VB like applications and more powerful professional looking softwares rapidly.

Want to know more the click here .

And now that you know what  GAMBAS is ,get started !

The following links will help a beginner to get started with Gambas:

The best beginners ebook on Gambas :

A Beginner’s Guide to Gambas

by John W. RittingHouse

(Google it to get the download links !)


  • Introducing Gambas
  • Gambas Language Concepts
  • Keywords and Program Flow Control
  • Introducing the Gambar Toolbox
  • Controls for Gathering Input
  • Menus, Modules, Dialogs and Message Boxes
  • Handling Strings and Converting Data Types
  • Using Advanced Controls
  • Working with Files
  • Math Operations
  • Object Oriented Concepts
  • Learning to Draw
  • Error Management
  • Mouse Keyboard and Bit Operations
  • Gambas and Databases
  • Global Gambas

Useful Links :

Excellent GAMBAS forums :

So why are you hesitating  ??! When is your first software release ??

Joomla – ready ! steady ! go !!


Operating systems: Windows,Linux

whats a CMS ?
A content management system (CMS) is computer software used to create,
edit, manage, and publish content in a consistently organized fashion.[1]
CMSs are frequently used for storing, controlling, versioning, and publishing
industry­specific documentation such as news articles, operators’ manuals,
technical manuals, sales guides, and marketing brochures.

now what the hell does that mean ?
simple . It is a software used to create a website something like
Dreamweaver (crude analogy).
All you need to do is to collect the information to store in your website ,
download the Joomla plugins to suit your need like ,online Picture Slideshow

plugin,media player  plugin, Forum plugins and a lot of them !you can dig it and fidget with it and i bet you would learn to use them with a week !

the tricky part (sometimes )is the installation . You can install it in Windows or Linux ! there are lots of Websites and blogs to assist you !

Links :­
Joomla home page & download
this site also contains a forum , register in it to post your project doubts .

* First download and install Apache Webserver , PHP and Mysql
its called WAMP server in Windows ( Windows Apache Mysql Php)

Joomla installation in your system
see this


* screenshots and guidance :

Hosting Joomla website
Video:  Installing Joomla on a hosting account.

100% free Joomla Hosting:

there are many free hosting service providers … just google up to find the
one that suits you .
i came across these :

Other useful sites :

* suggestions :

  • use Youtube for videos on working with Joomla .
  • use search engine for Joomla video search
  • if you encounter any errors either during installation or while working with

it , just ”copy,paste ” those error messages into google and you would see
100s of sites with solutions.

note: the links i have provided here are based on the assumption that you
are gonna try it out in Windows

* Websites that are powered by Joomla :

MySQL vs PostgreSQL

MySQL vs PostgreSQL is a decision many must make when approaching open-source relational databases management systems. Both are time-proven solutions that compete strongly with propriety database software. MySQL has long been assumed to be the faster but featureless of the two database systems, while PostgreSQL was assumed to be a more densely featured database system often described as an open-source version of Oracle. MySQL has been popular among various software projects because of its speed and ease of use, while PostgreSQL has had a close following from developers who come from an Oracle or SQL Server background. source : wikipedia