Why i like Ubuntu Forums more !


The reason why i like ,prefer and recommend   Ubuntu Forums for all Ubuntu related queries , can be explained effectively by quoting few points from Ubuntu Forums code of conduct section.

  • Be respectful of all users at all times. This means please use etiquette and politeness. Treat people with kindness and gentleness. If you do this the rest of the code of conduct won’t need more than a cursory mention.
  • Here are no stupid questions. You’re not a stupid person simply because you do not know how to do something, or do not have the answer to a question. Everyone was a green user at one point in time. 🙂
  • Be considerate to the person asking the question. We were all a green user at one point. Yes, some users are harder to help than others, but please be respectful to all users.

It shows that you are respected , whether you are a geek or a beginner. This kind of respect cant be expected in many ubuntu mailing lists . Hats off Ubuntu Forums !!

Nokia to quit Japanese mobile phone market


Nokia Corporation is a Finnish multinational communications corporation, headquartered in Keilaniemi, Espoo, a city neighbouring Finland’s capital Helsinki.It has a 37% global market share in handsets.

Inspite of its dominance in man countries , the Japanese market has been a tough nut to crack.Samsung and LG have also faced problems in Japan – a market dominated by sophisticated domestic phones, with the 4th largest mobile phone market in the world. The Japanese market is dominated by local firms selling phones with features such as TV broadcasting and electronic payment functions, with advanced third-generation network that makes foreign companies difficult to compete .The foreign companies account for only 5% of the market share .

Nokia has said it will stop selling its handsets in Japan after struggling to grow its market share in the country.Nokia reports that these operational changes will affect roughly 10% of Nokia Japan’s employees. Nokia’s R&D center in Japan will not be impacted.

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Win32/Conficker exploits Windows vulnerability


Win32/Conficker is a new worm out there ,which seems to be a headache for Windows users these days.It seems to exploit a vulnerability in the system which has been addressed in  MS08-067, a Microsoft security update.

”   It opens a random port between port 1024 and 10000 and acts like a Web server. It propagates to random computers on the network by exploiting MS08-067. Once the remote computer is exploited, that computer will download a copy of the worm via HTTP using the random port opened by the worm. The worm often uses a .JPG extension when copied over and then it is saved to the local system folder as a random named dll,….It is also interesting to note that the worm patches the vulnerable API in memory so the machine will not be vulnerable anymore. It is not that the malware authors care so much about the computer as they want to make sure that other malware will not take it over too, ….  ” : Microsoft

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SecuROM system in GTA IV


SecuROM is a CD/DVD copy protection product, most often used for computer games running under Microsoft Windows, developed by Sony DADC. SecuROM aims to resist home media duplication devices, professional duplicators, and reverse engineering attempts. The newest versions (v4 and up) prevent 1:1 CD-R copies from being made. Certain programs can circumvent its protection. The use of SecuROM is highly controversial because certain aspects of the protection are similar to functions of malware, and users are not always informed when SecuROM is included with a product. A class action suit has been filed against Electronic Arts for this very issue. Grand Theft Auto IV will feature this  controversial SecuROM 7 DRM system.

”  we invest a considerable amount of time and effort to release each title, and employ a large number of people in the process. Having copy protection allows us to protect the integrity or our titles and future investments… SecuROM is the most effective form of disc based copy protection and allows us to manage authenticity on a global level for Grand Theft Auto IV. ” : Rockstar

You can install the software many times ,but activate it online . Even if you remove the game there will some traces left,especially UAService7.exe service that can prevent some other software from loading. The  developers are working with SecuROM to post support on their help pages on how to remove these traces.


Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars {reviews and screenshots}


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Russia follows China’s footsteps in attacking US military networks


Following the Chinese way of attacking US military networks, Russia seems to be into it in full form. Recently, Senior military officers have briefed to their President Bush about the severe and widespread electronic attacks on Defense Department computers that may have originated in Russia.

The attack, whose extent of damage is not known , has struck hard at networks within U.S. Central Command, the headquarters that oversees U.S. involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, and affected computers in combat zones. The attack also penetrated at least one highly protected classified network.

US Military Electronics experts are not sure whether this is the attempt of an individual hacker or the Russian Governments involvement  . Many details are not revealed by them .Among the attacks attempted on the US Military networks so far, this one was significant and gained their immediate attention.

Meanwhile , Hundreds of Lithuanian government and corporate Web sites were hacked and plastered with Soviet-era symbols and other digital graffiti this week in what appears to be a coordinated cyber attack launched by Russian hacker groups.

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