Kubuntu 8.10 released -Intrepid Ibex

“Kubuntu is a free, user-friendly operating system based on the K Desktop Environment and on the award winning Ubuntu operating system………”



Whats cool in Kubuntu 8.10 ? < http://www.kubuntu.org/>

  • At last, fully supported, the reworked desktop, KDE 4. Kubuntu ships with KDE 4.1.2.
  • features Plasma, the desktop with slick widgets.
  • Support for Keyboard Multimedia Keys

Desktop Effects:

In KDE4 KWin has been given the bling-bling with shiny new Desktop effects ranging from the standard shadows and translucency to Wobbly Windows to a Coverswitch alt-tab window switcher shown above. These effects will be on by default if your video card supports them.

Dedicated File Manager:

Dolphin gets a breath of fresh air in KDE 4, with numerous new features, a load of bugfixes, and those tiny polishing details that make Dolphin a very capable file manager. As in past releases, Konqueror is still available for file browsing if you prefer it.

Adept 3.0:

Adept 3.0 brings a fresh KDE 4 interface that is much more stable, nimble and easy on system resources.

Apport and Update Notifier:

The all new update-notifier-kde tells you when you need to update and acts as crash notification for Apport so you can easily tell us when you have a problem. The current release also supports notification when upgrades require a reboot, as well as upgrade hooks.

and lots of other cool stuffs too….



Download the Ubuntu, Edubuntu or Kubuntu CD installer to your computer now. <click here>

Please note: the CD Installer is nearly 700M. If you don’t have a fast internet connection you may want to consider requesting a CD.

Request a free Ubuntu, Edubuntu or Kubuntu CD from Canonical.<click here>

Kubuntu 8.10 CD ISO download (698 MB)
32 bit

64 bit

Kubuntu 8.0 DVD ISO download (~3.5GB)

32 bit

64 bit

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