Chinese Doctors define Internet Addiction

 Chinese Doctors have now reached a point of declaring Internet addiction as an ailment.

“Those afflicted with this ailment spend six or more hours a day online and exhibit at least one of the following symptoms: difficulty sleeping or concentrating, yearning to be online, irritation, and mental or physical distress.” 

They have come up with this statement three months after the worlds first Internet Addiction clinic was opened in Beijing .

According to an official Xinhua News Agency report:”About 10 percent of China’s 253 million Internet users exhibit some form of addiction to the medium, and 70 percent of those people are young men.”


2 comments on “Chinese Doctors define Internet Addiction

  1. China is not alone! According to CNN there are 30 million internet addicts in the US. Like most things, when used in moderation the internet is a very good thing, providing more benefits than negatives. But, when used in excess, it can cause a lack of balance in people’s lives which can be very bad. The rush one gets from the immediate gratification on the net has been compared to that of playing slot machines. This is exactly why it is important to teach kids, from an early age, how to use the internet in moderation so that technology doesn’t end up taking over their lives. We have a simple yet effective tool specifically designed for that. Check it out at .

  2. My s/o is internet addicted. He asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and I told him a day with no tv and no p/c. He did not grant my birthday wish. He wakes up, eats, showers, gets on his p/c and stays on it until he goes to sleep… what can I do?

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