StarOffice no more a part of Google Pack

Google Pack is a software package that allows users to discover, install, and maintain a number of application programs.The following softwares are a part of it :

Google branded 

  •  Google Desktop
  •  Picasa, a photograph organizer and editor
  •  Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer
  •  Google Photos Screensaver, which displays pictures from the user’s computers
  •  Google Earth, an electronic globe
  •  Google Talk, an instant messaging and Voice over IP (VoIP) application
  •  Google Video Player, a multi-media player, now withdrawn


  •      Mozilla Firefox with Google Toolbar
  •      Spyware Doctor Starter Edition
  •      Norton Security Scan
  •      Adobe Reader 8, a document viewer
  •      RealPlayer, a multi-media player
  •      GalleryPlayer
  •      Skype, a VoIP application

Former third-party

  •      Ad-Aware
  •      Trillian
  •      Norton Antivirus Special Edition 2005, which included a 6-month    subscription
  •      StarOffice, a productivity suite that includes a word processor and   spreadsheet

Now Star Office has been dropped from it without any warning or explanation on the Google site .Is it a reaction to Steve Ballmer’s recent comment that Microsoft Office faces stronger competition from StarOffice than it does Google Docs and Spreadsheet ? or is Google trying to promote its own online office applications?


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