Stallman’s definition of ” Free Software “

” Free software means software that respects users’ freedom. More specifically it means you as a user have these four essential freedoms:

  • To run the program as you wish.
  • To study the source code and change it, and thus make the program
  • do what you wish.
  • To redistribute exact copies when you wish – this is the freedom
  • to help your neighbour.
  • To distribute copies of your modified versions when you wish – this is the freedom to contribute to your community.  “

: Richard Stallman

Read the complete exclusive interview with Stallman here


One comment on “Stallman’s definition of ” Free Software “

  1. Free software is an ‘ideology’ above everything. Issues like user-friendliness hardly matter. I know men who have stuck to the free software movement since 1996. There was no or little GUI back then, still these men ‘believed’ in their ideology- the ideology of empowering the masses in the digital world. One document that makes all the difference between free software and open source is the GPL. I recommend every young software engineer to read this.

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