China interested in hacking Military networks

China hacking into other countries Defense networks is on the rise,especially on the American military networks.The networks and databases used by the US government and American defense contractors are regularly targetted by Chinese hackers ‘China is stealing vast amounts of sensitive information from US computer networks,’ says Larry Wortzel, chairman of the commission set up by Congress in 2000 to investigate US-China issues.The chinese have also been gaining access to unclassified emails in the White House.A June 2007 cyber break-in at the Pentagon was also attributed to the Chinese military, but it’s not clear whether these incidents were linked. Rep. Frank R. Wolf , a Republican  from Virginia stated that four computers in his office were hacked in 2006.However , US is not the only country to claim this .Earlier even UK and Germany had accused China for the same .

Earlier this April, China was blamed for hacking into the network of Ministry of External Affairs ,India. No sensitive information was believed to be accessed, which was detected  during regular checks by the Intelligence agencies.Though the government does not have any specific idea about who the hackers were, the IP addresses left behind suggested the hand of Chinese.

However , the Chinese government has denied all such claims saying that their country does not have sufficient technology to perform attacks abroad.

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