New Kernel vulnerability identified in Vista


Vista has failed to reach the popularity of Windows XP and many companies ,like IBM ,  which took over to Vista initially are reverting back to XP . The operating system has been panned by some users and critics and has become the brunt of jokes in commercials from rival Apple for its Mac computer systems.

Despite many flaws in its Kernel, a major vulnerability has been discovered recently by Marius Wachtler, Michael Burgbacher, Carson Hounshell, Michael Craggs and Thomas Unterleitner on behalf of phion AG.

The flaw is in the network input/output subsystem of Vista. Certain requests sent to Vista’s iphlpapi.dll API can cause buffer overflow errors that can corrupt Vista’s kernel memory leading to a blue-screen-of-death (BSOD) crash.

Unterleitner told ZDNet UK, “[the] exploit can be used to turn off the computer using a (denial-of-service) attack. This buffer overflow could (also) be exploited to inject code, hence compromising client security.

Microsoft  didn’t confirm that a fix for the flaw would be offered in the next service pack for Vista.

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