Red Flag Linux in all Chinese Internet cafes

Red Flag Linux is a Chinese Linux distribution. Red Flag’s logo is Tux carrying a prominent red flag.The current executive president of Red Flag Software is Jia Dong .Red Flag Linux first appeared in August 1999, when it was created by the Institute of Software Research at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.As of 3rd December 2008, it has been reported that Internet cafes in Nanchang, since November 2008, have been required to install the Red Flag Linux as a replacement for pirated versions of the popular Microsoft Windows operating system, or switch to legitimate copies of Microsoft Windows. Radio Free Asia however said that Chinese internet cafes were being required to switch to Red Flag Linux even if they were using genuine copies of the Windows OS.This system is provided with a non-expiring support contract at the cost of 5000 yuan for all machines in the cafe.

Meanwhile,China’s Red Flag Linux Software Co. Ltd. is preparing to release an English-language version of its Red Flag Desktop 4.0 operating system.

Red Flag will release our English Desktop 4.0 version by the end of this year…So far, we have no schedule for Japanese and Korean version.” :Alice Yang, a company spokeswoman.

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