Cyberwar with US


Cyber warfare is the use of computers and the Internet in conducting warfare in cyberspace.Are you wondering why i have defined the term Cyberwar ??? becoz its what is going on…a cyberwar !! and  US seems to be in  the losing side. I have already written few articles on Cyber espionage by China and Russia on the US military networks.The current situation is an aggravation of it .

The U.S. is now facing  a cyber security threat and has reached the state of having to appoint a special White House advisor to oversee Cybersecurity Operations.Government and security experts have the urged the same to President-elect Barack Obama.China’s growing military power, running parallel to its increasing economic might, is likely to present challenges to the incoming administration of Barack Obama.

China is aggressively developing its power to wage cyber warfare and is now in a position to delay or disrupt the deployment of America’s military forces around the world, potentially giving it the upper hand in any conflict, a panel of the US Congress has warned.

China’s ability to wage cyber warfare is now “so sophisticated that the US may be unable to counteract or even detect the efforts“, the US-China Economic and Security Review warned earlier this year .

It is said that space will in future be an essential arena of warfare and China is taking an increasingly aggressive stance in its rapidly developing space programme.

China is rising and it’s not going away” : Barack Obama

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