Slackware 12.2 available for download


Slackware is an operating system. It is one of the earliest Linux distributions, and is the oldest currently being maintained.It aims for design stability and simplicity, and to be the most “Unix-like” Linux distribution. It was created by Patrick Volkerding of Slackware Linux, Inc.

Slackware’s latest stable x86 release is 12.2 (as of 2008-12-10), which includes support for ALSA, GCC 4.2.4, Linux, KDE 3.5.10 and Xfce 4.4.3.

Download locations for Slackware 12.2 :


One comment on “Slackware 12.2 available for download

  1. Uh, na na na naaaa!
    LOL I’m really tempted to check this out again. After all, once you figure out what applications you want for a task, who needs a package manager?

    I ditched Slackware once 10 was released and went the Debian route. Gave Ubuntu/Mepis/Opensuse/Fedora/PCLinuxOS a shot and eventually tried giving Vista a chance.

    Now that I do desktop publishing for my 9-5 with anytime access to my office, I think it’s time to go back and check Slackware out once again for my home web-dev needs.

    That and, well to be honest, I can’t find a reason to go back to that money pit called Apple.

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