Steve Jobs not in MacWorld 2009 expo

Steve Jobs delivering the keynote during Macworld expo ,2005

Steve Jobs delivering the keynote during Macworld expo ,2005

Macworld Conference & Expo is a trade show dedicated to the Apple Macintosh platform with conference tracks held annually in the United States, usually during the second week of January.The Conference & Expo features educational conferences taught by leaders in their fields, which require large admission fees to attend, and last for a few more days than the Expo. The Expo is open for a number of days (generally three or four), and attendees can visit the exhibits set up by hardware manufacturers and software publishers that support the Macintosh platform.

With lot of speculations surrounding Steve Jobs health, Apple has officially announced that he wont be delivering the keynote address in the Macworld expo and the expo in 2009 would be the last one in which it would be participating.One reason that Apple puts forward for this decision is that trade shows are not a better way to reach customers .

The keynote in the Macworld 2009 expo would be delivered by Philip Schiller, the senior vice president of worldwide product marketing.Meanwhile , Adobe and Belkin have pulled out of the January 2009  MacWorld expo , with Google and others reducing the size of their stands.

One major question arises in the mind of IT world observers ,its  regarding the health of Jobs . Steve Jobs was diagnosed of a rare form of pancreatic cancer in 2003 and operated in 2004 . Though the operation was announced as  successful, Jobs looked lean in all recent public outings , but Apple re-assures that Jobs is fine .Mr Jobs himself joked about the issue as he unveiled the new Apple MacBooks in October, presenting a slide stating that his blood pressure was 110/70.

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