Java better on Ubuntu than Vista


Phoronix performed    interesting benchmarking analyses to determine the efficiency of Java on Windows Vista and Ubuntu platform.The results were quite obvious ,Ubuntu won hands-down.

What follow are few major extracts from their experiments:

  • Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 and Ubuntu 8.10 were used .
  • Each OS was left to its default settings, including the use of the standard desktop effects.
  • All tests were executed through the Phoronix Test Suite.In Windows they were manually run .
  • In Sunflow Rendering System,the performance between Ubuntu Linux and Windows Vista was quite close and  between the official Java
    and OpenJDK build on Ubuntu Linux the results were very close.
  • In  Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) performance measure, Java on Ubuntu was about 30% faster than Windows Vista Premium.
  • In The Successive Over Relaxation (SOR) performance  measure , Java on Ubuntu was about 33% faster than with Microsoft Windows.
  • In  Monte Carlo performance measure , Ubuntu’s JVM was 3 times faster than what was tested  on Windows Vista.
  • In composite performance measure , the best performance was exhibited using Java on Ubuntu. There was  over a 50% difference, that separated Windows Vista and Ubuntu 8.10.
  • The j2dbench performance was significantly better on Windows Vista Premium, but that’s likely attributed to the Intel graphics stack on Linux having little in the way of performance optimizations.

Read the thorough analysis by Phoronix here .

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