About APTonCD and an Ubuntu guide


For  connoisseurs of Linux , trying their hands on various versions of Ubuntu  is hindered by having to download and restore all their favourite packages each and every time.Not any more , because i have ” found ” an interesting software APTonCD that makes a backup of all the packages installed through apt-get , synaptic or aptitude ,with  their dependencies and makes an iso image that could be kept as it is or written to a cd . This could later be used to restore all those packages ”  in one click ” !! cool ! isn´t it ?
The interface is very simple too . It has got just two tabs “create” and “restore” and all actions are quite intuitive .

And the next topic is on the Ubuntu guide , which i came across recently.

ubuntu-kung-fuUbuntu pocket guide

”  Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference ”  is another feather on the  cap of  Keir Thomas , whose earlier success was ”  Ubuntu Kung Fu ” .

No doubt Ubuntu Kung Fu is a great work , but compared to Ubuntu pocket guide , its un-organized . The latter contains well organized content and has information on Installing and configuring ubuntu , an info which Ubuntu Kung Fu lacks . Anyway both these books are really great and good news is that the pdf version of Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference is available for free .

Download it here or here .

Anna university results

Know your anna university results the easier way .

Instead of wasting your time searching for sites that claim to provide your result, just enter the following URL,followed by your register number.

Nov-Dec 2009


or try this


For 7th semester (Nov / Dec 2008)  results :


For 8th semester (May 2009) results :


UG / PG Review Result Nov / Dec 2008 & Jan 2009


Exam Results for UG / PG  B.E/B.Tech. 4th sem (Mark System) – May / June 2009


Exam Results for B.E / B.Tech.  Sem 2 (Credit System) – May / June 2009


for eg. if your register number is 12345678901

just enter the following URL in the address bar


try refreshing your page until it loads .

All the best 🙂


TANCET 2009 un-official ranklist

The Conficker threat grows


The conficker threat is growing day by day .The latest variants of Conficker has spread to over 9 million PCs and Servers worldwide as it uses multiple techniques to spread to vulnerable systems.This dangerous worm has also been named as Downadup , WORM_DOWNAD.A and even Net-Worm.Win32.Kido.l

The worm initially spread to systems unpatched against MS08-067, but has since evolved and is now able to spread to patched computers through portable USB drives through brute-force password-guessing.The malware first tries to use the credential of the logged-on user. If that fails, it attempts to obtain a list of user accounts on the target machine and then tries to connect using each user name and to a list of weak passwords, such as “1234” or “password.” The first variant of the Conficker worm appeared in November 2008.Security researchers began to see the second variation of the malware in late December 2008.

Many experts have compared the Conficker attack to Nimda, another bug that hit corporations in 2001, which spread quickly as well. Others have speculated the bug may be the beginning stages of a new botnet.

Downadup contains a number of features designed to make it harder for security pros to shut down.The worm, which was first reported by Panda and other security companies on Dec. 31, 2008, exploits a vulnerability in the Windows Server service that’s part of all currently supported versions of Microsoft’s operating system, including Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Server 2003 and Server 2008.

Some of the activities is takes up once in your system :

  • Connects to external sites to download additional files.
  • Deletes the user’s Restore Points.
  • Registers a services called Netsvcs.
  • Creates it’s own simple HTTP server on the infected computer and spreads the worm to other computers in the network through file shares.
  • Creates an Autorun.inf file in file shares to execute the warm files once the share is accessed by another computer.

Few reasons why conficker is spreading rapidly :

  • It infects removable devices and network shares  by creating a special autorun.inf file  and dropping its own DLL on the device.
  • It exploits the MS08-067 vulnerability,
  • It brute forces Administrator passwords  on local networks and spreads through ADMIN$ shares .

The major  strength of Conficker is USB sticks.Downadup creates its own Autorun.inf file and transports itself to all systems where it is inserted . I would suggest that you disable AutoPlay in your environments, unless it’s really necessary.


  • China 38,277
  • Brazil 34,814
  • Russia 24,526
  • India 16,497
  • Ukraine 14,767
  • Italy 13,115
  • Argentina 11,675
  • Korea 11,117
  • Romania 8,861
  • United States 3,958
  • United Kingdom 1,789

Once interesting fact related to this worm is that, Microsoft blog noted that the variant avoids infecting computers that use Ukrainian keyboard layout, raising suspicions that the malware authors are located in the Ukraine. So the conficker worm is expected to have orginated from Ukraine .

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Users satisfied with Virgin mobile



The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of India or TRAI is the independent regulator established by the Government of India to regulate the telecommunications business in India.

In a recent survey conducted by TRAI on user satisfaction with their mobile service providers , Virgin mobile topped the list , with Vodafone (91.97) and BSNL(91.96) following it in order.Virgin Mobile is a brand used by many mobile phone service providers based in the United Kingdom, and operating in India, Australia, Canada, South Africa, the United States and France; the brand survived only briefly in Singapore. 

The survey was conducted during October-November 2008  to reord  user satisfaction on five broad parameters – pre-sales and sales, network availability, VAS, customer care, and billing.Only five telecom operators out of 11 have met the 90 percent quality of service benchmark.Reliance Communications and Tata Indicom also made it through. 

The average waiting time to speak to a customer care representative of Airtel and BSNL was 4.8 minutes. Idea and Spice customer have to wait an average of five minutes with a Vodafone customer having to wait for 5.2 minutes.

If i had been in the TRAI team , i wouldnt have let vodafone made it to the list.For those who are curious about my anger on vodafone , read this .

Additional link:

TRAI press release

Silverlight strikes again



a snap from PIC website

a snap from PIC website



Microsoft Silverlight is a programmable web browser plugin that enables features such as animation, vector graphics and audio-video playback that characterise rich Internet applications. It was first released in April 2007 as a rival to Adobe Flash.A third-party free software implementation named Moonlight is under development to bring compatible functionality to GNU/Linux.

The biggest achievement of Silverlight team , so far, is streaming  the Olympic 2008 videos  online for 17 days.The coverage of Olympics events-built using Microsoft’s Silverlight technology, let their site visitors do much more than start, pause, and stop a video. Perkins Miller, senior vice president of digital media for NBC Sports & Olympics, said that it was “the most ambitious online project.

Now , their next major project is here. Microsoft Silverlight has planned to stream the swearing-in ceremony of Obama , live on the Presidential Inaugural Committee’s Web site online  .And it goes on without saying that Linux/Mac PPC/FreeBSD users wont be able to see this in their pc as there is no Silverlight alternative available for these platforms . IStreamPlanet, an online content-delivery company in Las Vegas, Nevada, is working with Microsoft to stream the event.

Microsoft is proud to be part of this event by helping to bring the inauguration activities online,Just as during the campaign itself, Internet technology is enabling people around the world to participate more directly in historic events in new and exciting ways.” : Brad Smith, Microsoft general counsel. 

We welcome the opportunity to work with Microsoft again to demonstrate our expertise and ability to meet the challenges involved in such a watershed event in the history of webcasting” :  Mio Babic, CEO of iStreamPlanet.

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