E-Swecha : Made in India


e-Swecha is a free software project initiated by the Free Software Movement in India and is aimed at developing a free Operating System to, for and by the engineering students.

So what so special about it ? Well ,to me its special because first ,its an Indian Open Source product and second , Father of free software Richard Stallman is visiting Hyderabad to oversee the migration of thousands of computers to this  new Indian operating system.

E- Swecha : E stands for Engineering and Swecha is the telugu word for ‘freedom’ .
E-Swecha is a collaborative work of hundreds of engineering students in and around Hyderabad.It is based on the Debian OS Linux . E-Swecha is to be  installed on 21,000 computers across Andhra Pradesh , that  started late december 2008 .

In India , Kerala is one state thats supports Open Source to a large extent and the Kerala government has  migrated  to Open Source products to a large extent.Karnataka and West Bengal also show some postive signs .

All the best to E-Swecha team !

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