Satyam scam: The mega corporate fraud

In the country’s biggest corporate fraud involving about Rs 8,000 crore, iconic IT company Satyam was hurtling towards disaster following the shocking disclosure of accounts fudging by its founder Ramalinga Raju, who then quit as chairman – leaving an uncertain future for the company and its 53,000 employees.

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2 comments on “Satyam scam: The mega corporate fraud

  1. the bickering reputation of satyam, its customers, employees and esteemed board members is at stake. compared to that, 7 years of jail for mr. raju seems infinitely small.

  2. The Government of India has decided (or is deciding) to give 2000 crores to bail out Satyam which most of us would appreciate.

    However, farmer suicides in our country since 1997 to 2008 total 1,82,936. Those farmers WERE NEVER BAILED OUT.

    Dr Rudhran examines the correlation from a common mans perspective:

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