Steve Jobs health + Apple in Mac World

Steve Jobs delivering the keynote during Macworld expo ,2005

Steve Jobs delivering the keynote during Macworld expo ,2005

With widespread rumours about Steve Jobs declining health , Apple has finally come out with  the ” truth ” .  Apple has chosen different strategies over the course of the past six months in handling those rumors.In an official statement released this Monday , Steve Jobs has reffered to a hormone imbalance that has been “robbing” him of proteins ,the real cause of his weight loss. This news was in fact a good news to Apple’s investors , who could now  sit back relaxed .No more worries about  rumors that Jobs was dying .

He is expected to be up and running, regaining the lost weight by the end of Spring, vowing to stay as Apple’s CEO during his recovery.

Meanwhile, this years MacWorld expo had Apple bring up little suprises , by cutting down the price of some songs in its market-leading iTunes online store to as little as 69 cents.

Other highlights in MacWorld Expo (related to Apple ):

  • Apple unveiled a new $2,800 Macbook Pro laptop with a 17-inch screen and the sleek aluminum casing the company debuted with the super-thin Macbook Air.
  • Apple gave the record labels that flexibility on pricing as it got them to agree to sell all songs free of “digital rights management,” or DRM, technology that limits people’s ability to copy songs or move them to multiple computers.
  • Apple  announced that iPhone 3G users will be able to buy songs from the iTunes store using the cellular data network.
  • Apple  unwrapped new versions of two software packages for Macs, iLife and iWork .

This would be the last Macworld expo for Apple .

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source :  Indiatimes Infotech and CNET news

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