Whats cool in Google Chrome pre-beta ?


Google has now come up with the pre-beta version of Chrome . The team at Google has taken the feedback received from the first official release, and made changes accordingly.

The following are the major changes made to it :

  • New version of WebKit.
  • Form Autocomplete. so you dont have to type everything .
  • Spell-checking improvements. To err is human and to forgive is CHROMe 😉 .
  • Autoscroll. So that we enjoy being lazy .
  • Docking dragged tabs.So your desktop gets even more beautiful.
  • Import bookmarks from Google Bookmarks.
  • New SafeBrowsing implementation.
  • Use different browser profiles. Hmmm..so your privacy is preserved .
  • Update the V8 Javascript engine to version .
  • New network code.
  • New window frames on Windows XP and Vista, supporting windows cascading and tiling, and other window-management add-in programs.
  • Experimental user script support (similar to Greasemonkey). A good chance for creative heads !
  • A new HTTPS-only browsing mode. For those who are more concerned of safety .

for more , have  a look at the Release Notes

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