Sony’s Ebook reader !



An e-book device, sometimes also called an e-book reader, is a device used to display e-books. It may be a device specifically designed for that purpose, or one intended for other purposes as well. The term is restricted to hardware devices, not software programs. The main advantages of these devices are portability, light diffusion, and long battery life.

I wonder how many of you have heard about Sony’s ebook reader ” Sony Reader (PRS-700) ” .It uses an electronic paper display developed by E Ink Corporation, that has 166 dpi resolution, four levels of grayscale, is viewable in direct sunlight, requires no power to maintain a static image, and is usable in portrait or landscape orientation. Like real paper, it may be difficult to read from in low-light conditions, as the unit has no backlight.

The PRS-500 was made available in the United States in September 2006. On July 24, 2008, Sony announced that the PRS-505 Reader would be available in the UK with a launch date of September 3, 2008.

The Sony Reader PRS-500/505 screen has a very low refresh rate. This prevented Sony from implementing sophisticated interactive menu-driven software and scrolling on zoomed pages. This means that the devices is not suited for viewing most PDF documents that are in 8.5X11 inch format.

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