Silverlight strikes again



a snap from PIC website

a snap from PIC website



Microsoft Silverlight is a programmable web browser plugin that enables features such as animation, vector graphics and audio-video playback that characterise rich Internet applications. It was first released in April 2007 as a rival to Adobe Flash.A third-party free software implementation named Moonlight is under development to bring compatible functionality to GNU/Linux.

The biggest achievement of Silverlight team , so far, is streaming  the Olympic 2008 videos  online for 17 days.The coverage of Olympics events-built using Microsoft’s Silverlight technology, let their site visitors do much more than start, pause, and stop a video. Perkins Miller, senior vice president of digital media for NBC Sports & Olympics, said that it was “the most ambitious online project.

Now , their next major project is here. Microsoft Silverlight has planned to stream the swearing-in ceremony of Obama , live on the Presidential Inaugural Committee’s Web site online  .And it goes on without saying that Linux/Mac PPC/FreeBSD users wont be able to see this in their pc as there is no Silverlight alternative available for these platforms . IStreamPlanet, an online content-delivery company in Las Vegas, Nevada, is working with Microsoft to stream the event.

Microsoft is proud to be part of this event by helping to bring the inauguration activities online,Just as during the campaign itself, Internet technology is enabling people around the world to participate more directly in historic events in new and exciting ways.” : Brad Smith, Microsoft general counsel. 

We welcome the opportunity to work with Microsoft again to demonstrate our expertise and ability to meet the challenges involved in such a watershed event in the history of webcasting” :  Mio Babic, CEO of iStreamPlanet.

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