About APTonCD and an Ubuntu guide


For  connoisseurs of Linux , trying their hands on various versions of Ubuntu  is hindered by having to download and restore all their favourite packages each and every time.Not any more , because i have ” found ” an interesting software APTonCD that makes a backup of all the packages installed through apt-get , synaptic or aptitude ,with  their dependencies and makes an iso image that could be kept as it is or written to a cd . This could later be used to restore all those packages ”  in one click ” !! cool ! isn´t it ?
The interface is very simple too . It has got just two tabs “create” and “restore” and all actions are quite intuitive .

And the next topic is on the Ubuntu guide , which i came across recently.

ubuntu-kung-fuUbuntu pocket guide

”  Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference ”  is another feather on the  cap of  Keir Thomas , whose earlier success was ”  Ubuntu Kung Fu ” .

No doubt Ubuntu Kung Fu is a great work , but compared to Ubuntu pocket guide , its un-organized . The latter contains well organized content and has information on Installing and configuring ubuntu , an info which Ubuntu Kung Fu lacks . Anyway both these books are really great and good news is that the pdf version of Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference is available for free .

Download it here or here .

2 comments on “About APTonCD and an Ubuntu guide

  1. Amigos como se puede agregar una nueva columna al explorador nautilus en OpenSuse en vista de lista además de los doce que tiene.
    Algún truco o algo que se pueda modificar en LINUX.
    Perdonen pero en windo en la vista detalles hay mas de veinte para elegir la personalización de la vista de la carpeta.
    Disculpen-Perdonen que cite a windows de mocosoft

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