Thumbs down for ads in Yahoo,Discovery etc

irritating Yahoo ads

irritating Yahoo ads
Recently i noticed that the advertisements that appear in Yahoo mail and Yahoo answers are of “mature content” with disguisting ad words .

Bottom lines like :

  • Its time to bring out the big gun
  • Surprise her with a ****** ***** add inches right now
  • Click here to add 4 inches
  • Stand out of the crowd ,try ***** pills

are well supported by ” eyebrow raising ” pictures like the ones posted here ( but mosaiced ). I think these are Yahoo’s cheap techniques to earn amidst the global recession !!

Just after a few minutes of blogging this news i noticed such ads in many other websites like that of  Disovery and Techshout.

anyway , i dont recommend you to allow your kids to access these sites , until these issues are resolved !!

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