Are Virtual Classrooms a good solution ?


With colleges being shut down in Tamilnadu due to  unrest among the students over the Sri Lankan attrocity , Educationalists are trying to find a better alternative for teaching  Their quest has narrowed up into VIRTUAL CLASSROOMS , a practical solution for all such related problems.

Virtual Classrooms have their + and – side . The main need for enabling one to go online is an Internet connection . Though many of the students have Net enabled computers ,it is not possible to implement it on a large scale and could be confined to only high class institutions .

Anyway , virtual classrooms could be useful for those who miss classrooms (as well as skip them).

Let me quote Prof P.R. Nakeeran, director of Tamil Virtual University(TamilNadu) , on this matter :

The government can even think of conducting all classes through the virtual mode as many students had Net-enabled computers or access to browsing centres. Even if there is no browsing centre, the government can encourage others to set them up, especially in rural areas, to help students

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