Its time to un-install Adobe Reader !

buffer overflow ;)Adobe Acrobat reader is a “must have ” software amongst all pc users for reading PDF docs. Of recent , Adobe has warned its users
of a critical vulnerability in Acrobat Reader 9 ,that could cause “Buffer Overflow ” ,  ultimately submitting the entire system into the hands of Hackers. Existing PDFs wont cause any issues,but be careful with the  pdfs you receive hereafter . One temporary measure is to disable JavaScript in Acrobat Reader and other Acrobat products.Adobe is expected to release a patch for Acrobat Reader 9 by March 11. Patches for earlier versions will follow.

Now you are left with two options , either you wait for Adobe to release the patch or switch over to faster,lighter and better pdf readers like  Foxit .

You can download Foxit here .

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