Some news from the mobile world

It is time when the mobile giants are trying to do something different and something more to woo their customers .


Motorola ,the American Fortune 100 company ,has joined hands with Pressmart Media (“the world’s online press ” as they call themselves ) to bring live news on-the-mobile to motorola users . Pressmart is based out of Hyderabad and has presence in US and UK. The users can now access the news updates on the go ! All you need is a mobile phone with GPRS connection ! and if thats not enough for you,let me add that this is a FREE service !!

htc_magic powered by Android

Now lets get into a news related to the Internet giant Google ,which has set foot to revolutionise the mobile market.I hope you are familiar about G1 , Googles first mobile based on its Android operating system . Now Vodafone has unveiled a touchscreen HTC Magic mobile powered by  new Android firmware, known as “Cupcake“, with changes based on G1 user suggestion.Some of its features include  : a 3.2 Megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, and GPS. No slide-out keyboard and you cant use any other headphones in it as a proprietorship has been obtained for the  headphone jack  .  A one line sentence, in the marketers voice ,that describes this mobile  ” This is the thinnest, nicest Android-powered device on the market.

Skype in Nokia mobiles

And now to the worlds largest manufacturer of mobile phones : Nokia . It has planned to provide full Skype support on its  N97 handset and subsequent Nokia N Series smartphones. This will allow users to make calls over a 3G or Wi-Fi network without having to pay the carrier anything above their monthly data subscription.Now thats good news for us and bad news for mobile network operators . Skype has been a favourite app of many Internet users and sure they would feel comfortabe with it in Nokia .

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