How to get your body skin peeled off ….

Your skin will peel of if you eat polar bear liver as it contains  Vitamin A in large quantities .Polar bears themselves  have a much higher tolerance for vitamin A.
As early as 1596, explorers returned to Europe with accounts of horrible illnesses resulting from the consumption of polar bear liver.

”  Illness severity depended on how much liver the explorers consumed, but symptoms typically included drowsiness, sluggishness, irritability, severe headache, bone pain, blurred vision and vomiting. Perhaps the most horrific symptom they encountered was peeling skin. While milder cases merely involved flaking around the mouth, some accounts reported cases of full-body skin loss. Even the thick skin on the bottoms of a patient’s feet could peel away, leaving the underlying flesh bloody and exposed. The worst cases ended in liver damage, hemorrhage, coma and death. ” : from the site .

So whats for lunch today ? Polar bear liver ??  😉


One comment on “How to get your body skin peeled off ….

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