TUZ to replace TUX

In a survey that was conducted a year before by GroundWork Open Source, a maker of network and system management products , Mozilla Firefox mascot ranked 1 , followed by the BSD Demon BEASTIE . Tux stood third .

The hot news is that Tux would be temporarily replaced by TUZ , a tasmanian devil . This move is to bring awareness about the real tasmanian devils that are nearing extinction due to a facial tumour .

The tasmanian devil is meat-eating marsupial now found as only two in number in Australian island state of Tasmania. Linux creator Linus Torvalds has added a patch to the mainline Linux kernel, version 2.6.29, that provides a caricature of a Tasmanian devil wearing a penguin mask.

At the 2009 linux.conf.au Penguin Dinner, Bdale Garbee “agreed” to shave his beard if enough funds were pledged toward the cause of protecting the Tasmanian Devil from extinction. On January 22, Linus Torvalds did the honors. Something between AU$35,000 and $40,000 was raised through this effort.

linus_shaves_Bdale Garbeeimage source : http://lwn.net and flickr

One comment on “TUZ to replace TUX

  1. Just did a slackware-current upgrade… Booted up… Saw “Tuz”… Started recompiling my kernel and including the REAL Linux mascot… Tux will be back in his rightful place once I reboot 😉

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