No more “autorun” from Windows 7


Microsoft has planned to disable Autorun in Windows 7 , after the increase in the number of misuses related to “auto run” . This , acccording to Microsoft, would be a action taken to maintain a balance between “security and usability“.

However , autorun feature would continue to work with non-writable media and autorun would be disabled for flash drives, removable hard drives and network shares.

The best known malicious software abusing AutoRun is Conficker………This change will be present in the Release Candidate build of Windows 7……………..In addition, we are planning to release an update in the future for Windows Vista and Windows XP that will implement this new behavior. ”  : from Microsoft blog .

more on this here  .

தன்னியக்க    ஓட்டம்  விண்டோஸ் 7 இல் இனி இல்லை

மைக்ரோசாப்ட் நிறுவனம் ,விண்டோஸ் 7 பதிப்பு முதல் , தன்னியக்க ஒட்டத்தை(auto run ) முடக்க முடிவு செய்துள்ளது . சமீப காலமாக தன்னியக்க    ஓட்டம் மூலமாக அதிகரித்து வரும் நச்சு நிரல்(virus) தாக்குதல்களை கருத்தில் கொண்டு மைக்ரோசாப்ட் நிறுவனம் இந்த முடிவை எடுத்துள்ளது . மைக்ரோசாப்ட் இன் இந்த செயல்
பாதுகாப்பு ” மற்றும் ” பயன்மை ”  இடையே சமநிலையை அடைய உதவும் என்று அவர்கள் கருதுகின்றனர் . எனினும் , எழுத விடா ஊடகங்களான குறுந்தட்டு (CD) முதலியவற்றில் தன்னியக்க    ஓட்டம் தொடர்ந்து செயல்படும் என்று அறிவிக்கபட்டுள்ளது  . கழற்று வன்தட்டு(removable hard drives) , மின் தட்டு(flash drives) , பிணைய பரிமாற்றங்கள்(network shares) போன்றவற்றில் தன்னியக்க    ஓட்ட தடை செயல்படுத்தப்படும் . மைக்ரோசாப்ட் இன் இந்த முடிவு நச்சு நிரல் தாக்குதல்களை பெரும் அளவு குறைக்கும் என்று நம்பலாம் .

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Rapidshare alternative

After being annoyed by Rapidshares policy  of  doing anything to make me pay up for its services , i set out on a quest in the vast Internet village to find a good alternative to Rapidshare.

I was surprised to find few  file sharing sites that had no restrictions and which did not prohibit or delay certain the services by categorizing users into Premium users and free users.

First , (earlier known as , a simple and clean looking site that offers an upload capacity of 100MB per file for Guest users and 250MB per file for Free Registered Users 🙂

Other features include :

  • There are no download limits .
  • Download accelerators could be used .
  • Downloads can be resumed.
  • No annoying Ads .
  • No waiting times.

Read their FAQs to know more about them .

Second , .

All free accounts! No Premium accounts!!

This is their motto !

Highlighted features :

  • The  maximum file upload  size is 200 MB.
  • Accepts parallel downloads! no waiting !!
  • No waiting time.
  • And one more special mention about ziddu ,
  • For each unique download, you will get $0.001 !!!
  • Redeemed cash will be transferred via PayPal or Moneybookers once it reaches $10.

10000 Unique Downloads: $10 USD

50000 Unique Downloads: $50 USD

100000 Unique Downloads: $100 USD

500000 Unique Downloads: $500 USD

1000000 Unique Downloads: $1000 USD

  • You will get $0.10 Referral Bonus, when someone joins with Ziddu through your referral link and uploads his first file.

One annoying feature i found in ziddu is the advertisements in their site . Also at times , you are prompted of  a wrong entry even if you enter the correct CAPTCHA code displayed there.

On the whole , i see iFile and Ziddu as excellent alternatives to Rapidshare.

And if you are still not convinced , then read < this >.

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Ubuntu 9.04 complete download links


And finally the most awaited Ubuntu 9.04 or the Jaunty Jackalope is out and there seems to be positive criticisms from eveywhere.

Check out whats cool in Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop edition here


Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop CD  in ISO format  (approx 697 MB size)

for i386 , 32 bit <here >

for 64 bit <here>

Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop DVD in ISO format (approx 4.2 GB size)

for i386 , 32 <here>

for 64 bit <here>

Ubuntu 9.04 Server CD  in ISO format (approx 640 MB size)

32 bit <here >

64 bit <here>

Ubuntu 9.04 reviews here .

Official announcement on release here.

Have a look at the Jaunty screenshots here or watch the videos here .

Request a free ubuntu 9.04  CD / DVD here .



How to google when you try to yahoo ?

Hi i am sharing a simple trick here .

How to load a Google page when  you type in the URL of Yahoo ?? sounds interesting is it.
Very simple !

open the following file if you are using Windows XP : c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts
notepad is enough to view and edit that simple file (hosts).

just append the following lines to the end of that file

here refers to the IP address of Google.

So what happens exactly is that , when you type in the URL of Yahoo in your browser , that URL is mapped to the Google website by being looked up into this HOSTS file.

So what is this HOSTS file anyway ? What process is taking place behind the scenes ? Well you can an excellent 5 min tutorial on these subjects here .

note :
location of the hosts file

Linux/Unix (/etc/hosts)
Windows 3.1/95/98/ME (c:\windows\hosts)
Windows NT/2000/XP Pro (c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\hosts or c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts)
Windows XP Home (c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts)
Apple  (System Folder:Preferences and in the System Folder itself.)

you can use this site to find the IP address of a site.

Tech Mahindra buys major number of shares of Satyam


Tech Mahindra, an M&M-promoted company ,a mid-sized IT outsourcer, has won the bid for Satyam Computer after bidding at Rs 58 per share. Tech Mahindra has secured complete funding to acquire a 51 per cent stake in Satyam.  Reports say that Tech Mahindra may be interested in acquiring Satyam as part of its strategy to evolve from a telecom industry focused IT firm to a full fledged IT services company spanning across all sectors. Earlier reports mentioned that HP, IBM, Mindtree would also be interested in acquiring Satyam.Satyam’s sale is likely to help restore confidence in India’s IT services sector at a time the global economic downturn has already slowed growth.