TANCET MBA 2009 counselling forms being issued !


If you wish to know only about the procedure for obtaining the counselling form just skip the following paragraph and read the Q-A following it .

I was surprised and shocked when my friend called up and told me that the counselling forms for TANCET MBA 2009 is being issued .
Thinking  that i have overlooked the Anna Universitys advertisement in newspapers , i had a look over their (not well designed) website (http://www.annauniv.edu) and found no trace of related notifications . Still surprised by an irresponsible or a lazy act of a top institute in India , i dropped into the college the next day (12th June 2009) . I walked up straight to the enquiry , where ,at first,the response was not  well  . As a result , i had to walk to the other end of the campus , The Directorate of Technical Education (DOTE),under the hot sun . There i wasnt able to find any counters/notifications for issuing the forms . The receptionists in all the offices there were missing !! So i had to walk all the way to the enquiry counter at the other end of the college and enquire the details again. This time , the person over there at the counter apologised for the inconvenience caused and answered all my queries politely.All he did was to send me back to the other end again !! And i did go !!! after an  hour of search , by chance (!) , i came across the person who was issuing the counselling forms .He was sitting in a not so easily seen place and there was not much crowd . No-where in this “adventurous travel ” did i find any directions or procedure or any information  posted in campus about the counselling form being issued  .  Just imagine from the number and type of comments on this post , how informative is the Anna university. I  dont think they even have a helpline number ! In Anna university ,everything is a suspense.  What follows is a set of answers to your FAQs . I cant guarantee the accuracy of the information presented here and i cant be held liable for the same .


  • Are counselling forms being issued in Anna university for MBA and ME / MTech  ?

Counselling forms are being issued only for MBA aspirants ,who have written TANCET . This form could only be used  for attending the counselling for admission under Anna University  affiliated colleges . It seems that a separate form would be issued ten days later  for attending the counselling to seek admission in Anna University.

  • What is the cost of the counselling form ?

It costs Rupees 300 . You should take a D.D. ,preferably in Indian Bank thats in the Anna University campus . DD charges extra.
The DD should be drawn using the information given below :

Tamilnadu MBA admission 2009,
Government college of technology ,

I suggest you to take the D.D in the bank in the Anna University campus .

  • Upto when will the counselling forms be issued for MBA ?

upto 31.06.2009 .

  • When will the counselling forms be issued for M.E/MTech ?

In about 10 days .

  • When will the TANCET 2009 results be announced ?

Expect it on some day next week .

  • Where should i collect the MBA counselling form in Anna University ?

In the DOTE main building .

  • Is it possible to  join Anna University affliated colleges  , under management quota , even if i havent written TANCET ?

Currently , this is a major issue thats in the court . Though the affliated colleges admit you under management quota without a TANCET test score , i dont recommend you to take a risk this way. If you havent written the TANCET exam , then join any Deemed University . I have also received an information that Jeppiar Engineering  College has planned to conduct a Common Entrance Test ( CET )  for admission into Anna University affliated colleges , under managment quota . So do watch out  for any such announcements and comment in this page for the benefit of others .

  • Where will counselling be conducted ?

Looks like , counselling for MBA/ME/MTech would be conducted in Coimbatore .

  • When do the counsellings start ?

I have no idea , but on observing the current situation , i expect it to start in a months time as they are currently busy in B.E admissions(business !)

I was able to gather this information in 4 hours .If there is any mistake in the information provided here , please comment on this page . Do pass on the information to your friends so that they may benefit .


And finally Anna university has posted the TANCET MBA and MCA details in its site :

MBA degree programme 2009-10 :

M.C.A Degree Programme 2009 – 10 :

You can also download the applications from the website of DOTE .

Fees details for M.E. in Government College of Technology , Coimbatore.

note : I came to know from one of the comments on this post ,that the links for MBA counselling form dont have the right form there.Let me point out that i have just linked the form given in Anna university site and mistake/incompleteness  in the form make them responsible.However , i strictly recommend you to get the form from Anna univ. itself in-person. I have no idea about the other authorised centres where the form is issued.

TANCET ME 2009 counselling: First day and my experiences


TANCET  2009 un-official ranklist

TANCET 2009 OFFICIAL ranklist

Counselling Schedule for M.C.A/M.Sc.(5 Years)/M.B.A/M.Sc.(2 Years) Degree Programme 2009 – 10

TANCET ME 2009 official ranklist here .

For all your TANCET 2009 related queries contact 044-2220 3616/ 17 / 18 / 19


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215 comments on “TANCET MBA 2009 counselling forms being issued !

  1. i need one answer for my question
    probably when will b the dates for the start of counselling for mba in coimbatore and when will it start in anna univ sperately(for admission into anna univ)??????

  2. I am not sure about it but ,observing the current situation i expect the counselling to start in a month .

  3. No ! i dont think the counselling form is available online ! In fact , no where could you find any official announcements on the issue of counselling forms !

  4. hi thanks ya… i know they r giving forms but i don’t know the correct favor, so got it now ya thank u so much yaaaaaaaaaaar

  5. please help me regarding counselling forms.whether we have to apply to separately for anna university and other engg. colleges.

  6. where is the counselling application is issued pls tell all the center tancet counselling application is issuing

  7. hey man,
    i’m from salem. should i go to coimbatore all way to get this form.? is not this available in any other centers.?

    could you please help me with this issue:-(

  8. Hi !
    I know that the counselling form is being issued in Anna university , but not sure whether it is being issued in other centers . You must go to coimbatore to attend the counselling .

  9. Hi
    Counselling application is available in all Government arts and engineering colleges all over tamilnadu

  10. Thanks a lot for your timely info 🙂
    Also the application forms are available online .
    See the updates below the post above .

  11. I think that was a very good information given.
    thank u.
    still one doubt. is the application available in gct is for counselling or for admissons to that college,
    what is in the main anna university website. i found some application form there. is that same or differrent…
    please help with it…..

  12. hi,
    I have got a doubt, when i went through the application form for counseling it was stated that this application form is for admission into Anna university i.e. College of engineering guindy and it was also stated that separate application forms should be got for MBA (Regular) and MBA (Self supporting). Does this mean that we have to get separate application form for anna university chennai and separate application form for PSG and Thiyagaraja College ETC

  13. May I know the Top 10 college affliated college to Anna University for MBA. The colleges with gud placement.

  14. Hai
    Now application for mba and mca are being given in annauniversity
    is this application form is only for annauniversity or it also for its affliated colleges ah?
    pls tell me
    and then we hve to apply separate application for mad university counselling ah

  15. this application is only for affliated colleges..better confirm with the person issuing the forms !

  16. hi frenz…

    from where i can see the tancet ranking list..?

    shall i apply for counselling after seeing the ranking list..?

    plz do reply soon..

  17. hey hi:):)

    y this anna univ site doesn have a query search section itself(damn!!:(]

    rank list anounced???

    i wish to do mtech oly..
    so pl info ….

  18. Hi,if i apply for anna univ counselling will it cover all the university. I mean anna univ Chennai,coimbatore and trichi. So totally how many seats.is it also applicable to affilated colleges. What was the govt fees or fees in private colleges through counselling

  19. i secured 35.10 in tancet 2009.ibelong to bc category.do i get any govt colleges with any courses eligible for BE(cse). PLs inform me. Also provide me with 2008 tancet ME/MTech cut offs for govt colleges n top self financing colleges.pls do help me.

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  21. sir,
    i have no idea abt my mark in m.e.i got 32.624.will u pls tell i will get which college .

  22. i have no idea .. i have secured 37.618 and i have no idea.. things can get cleared only after the Tancet ranklist is released .

  23. i secured 33.66 marks in ME i belongs to MBC category, whether i will get any government college or i will get colleges like PSG , ….. give ur comment plz, and whats the first mark in ME tancet 2009.

  24. i need rank list of 2008. (last year). i check myself which college i get in my mark. plz anybody know the website of tancet ranklist 2008. inform immediately

  25. hi sir i got 29.46 in tancet 09 for MBA … i belongs to bc caste. is ther any chance of getting gud colleges or wat colleges i ill get…. kindly inform me pls….. so that it ill be useful for others to

  26. hi gayathri !
    congrats ! you have got a good mark .. u will definitely get seat in Anna university.

  27. my tancet marks is 36.676. will i get any government college?
    please do reply as i dont know anything bout tancet. i belong to OC category.

  28. hi, i got 25.978(Mechanical) in tancet 2009 M.E. I belong to BC caste. which colleges i will get?? will i get seat in part time anna univ chennai? what is the highest mark in tancet ME/MTECH?

  29. Hi……

    Wen will we get the tancet mark sheet? They have said to attach a tancet mark sheet along with the counselling form Should we wait until the mark sheet is received r we can take a print out of the tancet mark and attach with the form?

    Should we compulsorily attach the nativity certificate even if we are Tamil Nadu candidates

  30. hi,
    i have got the application forms from govt engg colg,tirunelveli…i have downloaded the application form for anna university chennai from the univ site…now my question is that, if i send this application form which i got for ‘govt and affiliated colleges’ to govt coll of technology coimbatore will i get all the colleges that come under anna univ trichy,tirunelveli and coimbatore or should i have to apply seperately for all anna universities?..plz help me…im confused…

  31. i think the online form link you have given is wrong..
    that form is for joining anna university and not for counseling. just check the DD IN FAVOUR. the thing which you provided above and the thing which is there in that form are different…

    i’m sorry if i’m wrong, but i think i’m right. i ‘ve no intention to give wrong information but just have a look at it!!

    also this month have only 30 days not 31… anyway i appreciate you good work. thanks for that:)

  32. also i think its better to get the form from government college rather than downloading it from net as there is alot of confusion in the online form..

    once again, thanks for your great work:)

  33. Can I know if the apllication form for MBA 2009 being issued now in anna university is for anna univ itself or for its affiliated colleges???

  34. hi friends , for joining anna univ affiliated colleges and arts science college’s mba u hav to apply for general councilling only. which will b conducted in coimbatore .4 that u can get the form from presidency college.
    anna univ councilling is only for applying mba in anna univ campuss alone….

  35. hi i got 27 in tancet09 for ME .i belongs bc caste. which college get in my mark.when wll ME counselling form is going to issue? pls inform immediately

  36. hi Deepa !
    u chances are really good ! Congrats !
    We can decide things only after the ranklist is published by Anna University .

  37. Hi Manjunath !
    Dunno the first mark ! one of my friends secured 50+ in ME Tancet.
    Need to decide things only after the ranklist is released by Anna Univ .

  38. for god sake can any 1 tel wen t application forms for m.e/m.tech degree programmes gng 2 be issued?????tis emptiness is just eating me…………………..pls do reply soooooooooooonn……some 1………

  39. Hi
    From my enquiry in anna univ. , just a few days before you posted this comment , i found out that ME counselling forms would be issued by the end of this month.

  40. Hi suresh !
    i just linked the form given in Anna univ. site !
    They bear responsibility for mistakes !
    I recommend that you get the form from Anna univ. ,in person .
    Thanks a lot for your info suresh 🙂

  41. thanks manoj, What is the procedure after this?? I will be extremely grateful to u if u would throw some light on this..

  42. Hi Deepa !
    All you need to do is to get the counselling form in-person from Anna univ. or any authorised center , fill it ,submit it and wait for the ranklist to be published by Anna univ. You will informed thru’ post about the date of counselling ,on which you need to go there.
    I expect the classes to begin in September.

  43. thanks manoj,
    And one more thing .. Are the MBA cutoffs and M.TECH cutoffs same … Which one is generally higher?

  44. i am asking for part time and not full time. whether i ll get anna univ?mine is 36.676-M.E. OC category. Please do tell me if any one knows..

  45. hi sir, can u say when would be the rank list for ME/M.Tech and counselling form will be announced.

  46. hei MBA aplication forms for guindy anna univ can be downloaded from net in anna univ website

  47. hai frnds.. i ve scored 35.66 in m.e. tancet.. will i get good college? please give me details about counselling? how to calculate cut off? where will the counselling take place chennai or coimbatore? please tell me the details

  48. sir,i got +10.800 in tancet ….when i appiled in anna university councelling means anna university affilated collage only come or bharathiat university also come……..in councelling

  49. 10.800 in tancet ….when i appiled in anna university councelling means anna university affilated collage only come or bharathiar university also comin councelling

  50. when the me rank list will be out. when and where the tancet 2009 me/mtech counselling starts

  51. Hi Gayathri !
    On a random search in the Internet i came across the ranklist release date to be 25th June.

  52. Hi,
    I’ve got 48.8 in M.E(CSE) TANCET.. can you please say me which college i would get during the counseling? i belong to OC catagory..
    And what is the cost of M.E application form?

  53. hai i got 32.649 marks in M.Tech tancet 2009….n i belongs 2 o.c .wl i get good chances???wat s d next proceedure for gettimg admission??i heard fthat we have to send a form for counselling…from where i wl get dat form??plz repl me……

  54. i got 22.374 marks in M.E tancet 2009. i belongs to sc can i get good college? where i will get counciling form?

  55. DEarest Nami

    no such application is published any whwer in this internet…

    dont worry will be later

  56. Hi,

    I have secured 18.20 marks in TANCET ’09.. Shall i know which college wil i get for dis mark..

  57. Hi j shanmuga sundaram !
    none can guess this until the Anna univ. Tancet ranklist is released…now this is why no one answered your question so far.

  58. hii ppl,

    You get 2 forms for admission to mba/mca. One form is only for admission to anna univ campus. This form you can get from anna univ campus by paying rs.300/- or you can download this form from anna univ site(www.annauniv.edu). If you are downloading this form den you have to attach a dd for rs.300/- while sending it. The second form is for general councelling i.e for admission to affiliated colleges and arts and science college. This form you can get from anna univ campus. I dont know wer else its being issued. For getting this form you have to first give a dd for rs.300/-.Only after paying the dd they ‘ll give you this form. If you feel your score is low then apply for the second form alone.

  59. Hi friends…,
    I secured 31.669 in tancet 2009 belongs to bc category.do i get any govt colleges with any courses eligible for BE(eee). pls inform me. Also provide me with 2008 tancet ME cut offs for govt colleges n top self financing colleges .pls do help me.

  60. hi friends…
    i am balaa i got 23.197in tancet for M.tech(biotechnology) .. i belong to BC catageory.. which college can i get…

  61. do anyone know abt d possible centres issuing forms.will they send any call letter for counseling.can any one describe abt d procedure for counseling.

    manoj u ve done a great job
    dis site may useful to many of the candidates

  62. i thought its only me worring much about tancet counselling…many r there like me i guess..

    fine… i got bit clear after seeing the matter published in DINA MALAR, page 2, dated 21.07.2005. for MBA, the counseling starts by august 2nd.
    25marks and above are called on 2nd august.

    so all u guys dont have to worry.
    Very Happy
    all the best for all who waits for counseling.
    please help me to get a picture of how counselling will be.

  63. plz inform me.when will start tancet 2009 m-tech councilling.my score +31.6 may i get to chance anna university or cit(coimabator instute of technalogy)

  64. hi…. i have secured just 13.2 marks in mba tancet2009. im havin a doubt regarding the procurement of counselling forms….. should i go to coimbatore to collect the form??? im in karur at present! is there any possiblity to get the application here in karur?? and also shall i take the dd in any nationalised banks in karur?
    please do reply soon since the laste date is nearing…..

  65. Hi,
    i just wanna know when ll dey release d ranking list for tancet 2009…if dey’ve released can yo send d site, so dat i can check it out!!!!

  66. when and from where can i get TANCET conselling appln forms & when is the last date.pl its urgent

  67. hi…..how to get tancet mark sheet…..in application form they r askin…kindly reply soon…

  68. hi i ve scored 26.600 in tancet mba…which college ll i get?i belongs to st category….and which s good college…..i m very blank…kindly provide me the info……

  69. hii ,

    Somebody was asking if they can get the appl form in karur. Yes you can get it from government arts college, karur.

  70. Hi ive jus scored +10.800 in my Tancet….how do i calculate my cut-off…???? am i eligible to appear for councilling…??? can u give me an idea as to which colleges i can get admissions to….and my cast is BC….plz do let me know

  71. hi friends,

    ur iformations r really valuable ..it ll help lot to students…and me too wrote tancet for MBA and i secured 40 marks in that…i dono whether it is good or not…whether i ll get good colleges..and if possible mention some of it….plz..thanks in advance…

  72. I secured 29.413 marks in TANCET ‘09..IN EEE. Shall i know which college wil i get for dis mark..When will d counciling start? i dont knw anything about counciling…pls give me relavant informations regarding thes..

  73. hi i got 21.8 in tancet09 for ME .i belongs bc caste. which college i will get.can i get government college..?when will ME counselling form is going to issue? please tell

  74. hii guys,

    Dont worry if u dont have the tancet mark sheet . U can download the page from wer u saw ur marks and get it attested from the head of the institution or from a grade A or B officer and send it.

  75. Applications for M.E , M.Tech will be issued from 01/07/2009

    M.E. / M.Tech. / M.Arch. / M.Plan. Degree Programmes
    Advertisement No.145/EA4/TANCA/2009
    Tamil Nadu Common Admissions (TANCA) 2009 will be administered by Anna University Chennai on behalf of the Government of Tamil Nadu.
    Applications are invited for Admissions to M.E./M.Tech./M.Arch./M.Plan. degree programmes offered in the University Departments of Anna University Chennai, Anna University Trichy and Anna University Tirunelveli, Government, Government Aided Institutions, and seats surrendered by the Self Financing Engineering Colleges in Tamil Nadu for the academic year 2009-10 through single window (TANCA 2009) counselling.
    The list of colleges and courses offered for admission through single window system are available in Anna University Chennai website: http://www.annauniv.edu/tanca2009.
    Candidates should submit separate application for each category as given below:
    (1) GATE Category (GATE – A 2008/2009 or GATE – B 2008/2009 with TANCET 2009 score)
    (2) NON-GATE category – (TANCET 2009 score only) (Full-time / Part-time)
    (3) Sponsored category (Full-time / Day – Part Time) only for University Departments of
    Anna University Chennai (with TANCET 2009 score).
    Candidates who have passed in all the subjects in the qualifying degree courses with TANCET 2009 score or valid GATE – A 2008/2009 score or valid GATE – B 2008/2009 score with TANCET 2009 score.
    The details of eligibility criteria for admission to M.E./M.Tech./M.Arch./ M.Plan. degree programmes are available in the Information Booklet and also in Anna University Chennai website. Candidates who have appeared for final year / semester examinations in April / May 2009 may also apply.
    Reservation for Physically challenged candidates are available as per the Government norms under GATE / NON-GATE categories.
    Application forms can be obtained in the following modes:
    IN PERSON: Application form can be obtained in person by Cash / Demand Draft for Rs.500/- for General (Rs.250/- for SC/ST Candidates belonging to Tamil Nadu on production of a copy of Permanent Community Certificate Card) towards registration fee at the following Institutions:
    1. Examination Centre, Anna University Chennai, Chennai, 2. Govt. College of Technology, Coimbatore, 3. Thiagarajar College of Engg., Madurai, 4. Govt. College of Engg., Salem, 5. Anna University Tiruchirappalli (Bharathidasan Institute of Technology Campus), Tiruchirappalli 6. Govt. College of Engg., Tirunelveli, 7. Thanthai Periyar Govt. Institute of Technology, Vellore, 8. Alagappa College of Technology, Karaikudi, 9. Govt. College of Engg., Bargur, 10. University College of Engg., Villupuram, 11. Institute of Road and Transport Technology, Erode, 12. Dr.Kunthavai Naachiyar Govt. Arts College for Women, Thanjavur and 13. Govt. Polytechnic College, Nagercoil.
    BY POST: Application form can also be obtained by post with a Demand Draft for Rs.600/- for general (Rs.350/- for SC/ST Candidates belonging to Tamil Nadu by enclosing a copy of Permanent Community Certificate Card), (includes postal charges) along with a requisition letter and an address label written in capital letters to The Secretary, TANCA, Anna University Chennai, Chennai – 600 025.
    REGISTRATION THROUGH INTERNET: Candidates can also register through Internet by logging on to http://www.annauniv.edu/tanca2009. After entering the required details in the application form, press the submit button, then take a print out, affix a photograph and affix the signature at the appropriate space provided. The print out of the application along with a D.D. for Rs.500/- for general (Rs.250/- for SC/ST candidates belonging to Tamil Nadu by enclosing a copy of Permanent Community Certificate Card) towards registration fee alongwith all the enclosures should be sent by speed/registered post to The Secretary, TANCA, Anna University Chennai, Chennai – 600 025.
    Demand Drafts should be drawn in favour of “The Director Admissions, Anna University Chennai”, payable at Chennai obtained from any nationalised bank on or after 28.06.2009. The name and address of the candidate should be written on the reverse side of the demand draft.
    Counselling date will be intimated to the individuals through a call letter / Anna University Chennai website.
    Commencement of Issue of application form
    Last date for issue and submission of application form
    The completed application should reach ‘The Secretary, TANCA 2009, Anna University Chennai, Chennai 600 025’ on or before 14.07.2009, by 5.30 p.m. Applications received after the due date and time will not be considered at any cost.
    Few seats are available for women candidates in M.E. (Integrated Water Resources Management) with SAWA fellowship (for which TANCET is not required). Separate application has to be filed.
    For enquiries contact Telephone Nos. 044 – 22203617 / 22203618

  76. i got 27.096 in tancet 2009 can u please tell me wic college i’ll get …?? where can i get the counselling form? i fall under bc category…

  77. I want to know when is the last for receiving the application form for M.E./M.Tech. TANCET counselling.
    When is the last date for the reach of application form to the TANCET counselling chennai.

  78. hi frds i need 2 know like when is the counselling 4 mba plz plz reply 2 my no 9941475752

  79. can someone tell me about the counselling procedure regarding bc,bc muslim, sc ,st and mbc

  80. i had send the application form bt not yet received my acknwoledgement card… how to enquire the application status.. pls help mw

  81. i had send the application form bt not yet received my acknwoledgement card… how to enquire the application status.. pls help me

  82. when is counselling for mba………………..in which site can i see rank list for mba………………..

  83. hi i ve scored 16.000 in tancet mba…which college ll i get?i belongs to bc category…kindly provide me the info.. i need the rank list too pls…

  84. hi……. i ve scored 17.000 in tancet mba…which college ll i get? i belongs to bc category…kindly provide me the info.. i need the rank list too pls…when is counselling for mb…..in which site can i see rank list for mba………………..

  85. Sir/mam,
    I did not get my acknowlegement card for TANCET 2009 MCA counselling. But my friends have got it.
    Did annauniversity have sended all acknowledgement cards to all the students.
    What’s the problem for my acknowlegment card.
    What i have to do for this problem. please tell me the kind solution.

  86. TANCET Counselling starts on 19th july for MCA. MBA counselling starts tentatively on Aug 2nd 2009.


  87. hi i secured 25.8 in tancet mba….and i belongs to oc..will i get panimalar r rajalakshmi college….please reply me as soon as possible…

  88. hi i got 21 in tancet mca 2009 . when ‘ll the councelling start?
    can i get any good college?

  89. hi… i am sathishkumar… i didn’t received my tancet’09 mark sheet till now… but i need a mark sheet for addmission during counciling, so what i have to do now to get a mark sheet

  90. can someone plz tell me when is the anna university mba counselling when will i get counselling call letter probably

  91. hi rikahita,

    anna university counselling on this sunday..they won’t send call letter…check in anna univ website..for ur elibility to attend that counselling…

  92. hi frnds,

    my over all rank for mba is 210,and my community(BC) rank is 119..is it any possibilities for me to get ssn in chennai…kindly please reply………

  93. hi can anyone help me pls …….. i got 14.600 in tancet and i dint know about counselling form so i filed i buy so any other way of buyin counsellin forms pls say ……….. pls reply …….

  94. hi can anyone help me pls …….. i got 14.600 in tancet and i dint know about counselling form so i failed to buy so any other way of buyin counsellin forms pls say ……….. pls reply …….

  95. hi i don’t know abt the counselling form issue….so i didn’t buy…can i attend the councilling….

  96. hi I got 33.6 BC and my rank is 420 for MBA. Can I expect Sri Krishna?? Kind suggestions please..

  97. hi HARI i ve written MBA and got
    +20 in tancet 2009 I belong to BC my community rank is 1860
    CAN i get a second tier college like Bannari amman,sai ram,sona college,sri krishna.
    Pls also suggest me some good colleges in chennai region for me
    I acnnot spend much amount for my studies hence pls suggest me some good college pa
    Not only Hari pls other friends also help me if u know were could i get a seat for this score yaar plssssssssssssssssssssss

    I have also written M.Tech tancet and secured 23.785 i look for anna iniversity,chennai
    i expect top college becoz my major is textile pls suggest me will i get M.Tech Textile in anna university pls suggest me friends

    I am looking for ur replyyyyyyy

  98. Hi,
    please anyone tell me the first mark in CS/IT stream in TANCET 2009

    My rank is 113 – OC category, which college can i get?

    Is anna univ, coimbatore best than Top self financing colleges in placements?

    Please reply soon

  99. i miss out the TANCET EXAM..
    where can i get the management qouta exam application form..pls help me

  100. when will the 2010 counselling starts and how i will get the counselling form and when will the tancet result come and

  101. hello,
    i m going to write tancet this yr may 2011, may i know wats the next procedure after the results are published

  102. hey manoj
    tk u 4 info.. me gonna write tancet n may 2011.
    it was informative to plan man.

    v l send councellng appln n dey l call us 4 councellng
    tatz d procedure .. right? i still a fear f gettng placed n a gud clg!!!!! n abt councellng procedure!!!!

  103. hi i got one arrear in last sem….. i had applied for revaluation and instant exam… now can i attent MCA counselling

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