Mounting Windows partitions in Mandriva

( Always backup before attempting any tweaks. You are solely responsible for the result. The following tweak  worked well in my system and i believe it works fine in your system too. Patience pays ! Dont end up like an impatient guy like the one here. )

Question : I have a dual boot consisting of Windows and Mandriva.In Mandriva , only 2 out of 4 of my Win partitions show up.When i click on the other partition entries in the “Places” menu , i get the following error “cannot get volume.fstype.alternative” . Now how do i mount those partitions ?

Solution : The solution is simple . Before progressing through the mentioned steps , do backup to make up for the rare worst case probabilities.

Open the Mandriva control center (System->Administration->Configure your computer).

Then choose the “Local disks ” option.In that click on “Manage disk partitions“.

You will be shown a window containing all the Win partitions.

Click on the unmounted partition and when you do so , a list of possible operations would be listed to the right of the window .

Choose “Mount point” and in the pop up window that appears , enter /media/anyname . Where “anyname” can be a name of your choice. Repeat this for all the unmounted disks.

Finally when you quit the app , a message will popup  prompting “save the modifications to / etc / fstab ” .Click yes .

Reboot your system and Bingo !  you can now see the all the partitons mounted.

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2 comments on “Mounting Windows partitions in Mandriva

  1. This Stupid Issue still chasing Mandriva Since first distribute
    Why just put Easy Simple GUI way to mounting My own hard Driver
    And What Stupid Idea Make then to unmount the hard driver by default
    I already install Puppy Linux on Very old PC for friend of mine and work perfect in Minutes .My friend all he need just surfing web Listing music in his Local drive
    After installing all his hard drivers all mount and has small pretty in desktop
    It’s shame for company like Mandriva missing important details like this

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