Perform without fear

best of DC

Asked to read the news headlines during morning assembly or to appear on stage for a brief ‘guest appearance’ in a school play? Does this still scare you? If yes, take comfort, because for most of us, stage fright is a major curse. This fear affects both children and adults alike, but demands a solution while you are still young. Doctors say that managing this fear will not just establish you as a successful performer, but also make you a winner in all ways. Here are some ways to conquer stage fright.

  • First, know what causes stage fright. As experts say, it comes from two foremost fears: ‘Where am I?’ and ‘Who am I?’ Since the first question tells you that you are on stage in front of everybody, you naturally begin to feel, ‘Oh God, I need to make everything right otherwise I will make a fool of myself, etc., etc.’ This thought in turn leads to fears about yourself, wherein you start questioning your personality. All those little failures that you have seen keep pulling you down.
  • The cure? Be positive and speak to yourself in a positive way. Tell yourself that you CAN do it. Focusing on the character you are portraying rather than yourself helps. Look at it as a positive experience to take home. Or imagine that everyone in the audience is wearing red pants!

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