Its Windows7 vs Bootcamp

Windows7 on Mac

After a storm comes a calm , but here we have yet another storm. Windows 7, the most awaited successor to Vista got some boos while being tested inside  bootcamp when  Windows 7  run in  MacBook through bootcamp, got its batteries drained out. Running Windows 7 in Boot Camp caused one CNET reviewer’s battery life to fall by more than two-thirds.

Windows 7 has been advertised to be a better alternative to the sluggish , power hungry Vista. Other features advertised are :

  • Will recognize connected devices more quickly and accurately.
  • Will use less memory .
  • Improvements in the kernel.
  • Will offer an improvement in battery life of up to 11% over Vista …. etc

However,this  battery drain at the bootcamp has sparked  concerns among those who have been waiting to buy Windows 7. While some experts are blaming Apple’s Boot Camp drivers , the others point  their fingers at Windows 7 , which has the same code base as Vista.

more on this issue here .

Official pages on this issue here.

Apple misses its mark on Windows 7 Boot Camp support.

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