The glorious days of IT industry have ended

Thomas Siebel

The Information Technology industry is no more a business sector that would produce outsized returns. According to Thomas M. Siebel ,chairman of First Virtual Group, “ the promise of the post-industrial society has been realized ” , and the future businesses  should address food, water, health care and energy sectors.

As a part of his analysis , Siebel adviced IT students to opt for a different specialisation.He was quoted saying , “if I were graduating today, I would get on a boat and I would get off in Shanghai.”  The glorious years of IT industry were from 1980-2000 when spending on IT grew at an annual rate of 17 percent as opposed to 3 percent observed now. Hereafter , no new technological advances would help replace the computer technology we already have.
The technical needs of most of the industries have been satisfied to a  large extent and any new innovations in this sector  are expected to be few.

source :

NY times


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