Counselling procedure : The first day and my experiences

{ TANCET ME 2009 }

Finally, i attended the TANCET ME 2009 counselling on 18th(first day of counselling for regular candidates) and i was quite observant of the whole procedure to blog it in here. On the whole i would say the counselling procedure has improved compared to the one i attended for BE admission. Not much hassles! However one fault i found with them… the parent(or any attender) is not allowed to accompany the candidate into the counselling hall. This scheme might have been implemented by Anna University either because they thought you are matured enough to decide for yourself or there were not enough chairs available for the attender 😉

Now to more important instructions ….
Be present in the college atleast 2hours before your alloted time since you need to stand in a looooong queue to pay the initial amount of Rs.5300/- (either cash or DD). Keep your options list big, because i have never seen  such a tough competition on the first day of the counselling. Its a  neck and neck battle. Plan the courses,college and dont forget to note down the college code in order to avoid confusion arising out of colleges with similar names.

First,you have to stand in that long queue near the examination center near the shamiana and pay the amount or DD at the counters there. There you will be given a “counselling form” which contains your name,application number,token number etc.
With that you need to stand in another line leading to a waiting hall, where you would be given a “declaration form”. In that you have to fill only your name and application numer(also called TNEA number). Rest of the fields should be filled only when you are directed to.In that waiting hall the vacancy positions would be displayed in big screens. You will also be directed to arrange your original certificates in a particular order(counselling form,declaration form,TANCET call letter,TANCET marksheet,TANCET  hall ticket,.10th and +2 marksheets or equivalents,BE provisional certificate or equivalent,community certificate and Transfer certificate).
Next,based on your token number  you would be sent to the verification hall where the original certificates would be verified and you will asked to wait again.While waiting you can view the vacany positions displayed there.
Finally you will be called to attend your counselling in the same hall.
Once you select the course you will be sent to the first floor to collect the appointment/admission form.
After collecting it come out the building and collect the medical test form in the appropriate counter and go where you are directed to.

Good luck ! Be cool !

Useful Links :

Vacancy positions as on 18.08.2009 (8.00 PM)


This article is published in the monday issues of  Times of India.This article was written by Dr V Saraswathi.

Micmanz Lanugage Improvement series

Could you imagine the longest sentence in English ? You simply can’t , because a sentence could extend up to infinity with the help of conjunctions.

Let’s imagine you are narrating the story of a recent Tamil film. You could say it in one long sentence: the hero met the heroine and fell in love with her and then the villain came and fought with the hero but the hero killed the villain and saved the heroine and married her and they lived happily ever after.

What are conjunctions They are words that join two sentences or two clauses.

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood

And I chose the one less travelled by.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,

But I have promises to keep.

To be, or not to be,

That’s the question.

In the above famous quotations, you find the conjunctions and, but and or. They are called co-coordinating conjunctions as they join two main or coordinate clauses.

And suggests addition.

Is that the police” asked a frantic voice at the other end of the line.

Yes , sir, this is the police station,” replied the inspector on duty.

Oh ! Thank God! I want to report a robbery in the neighbourhood and the thief is trapped in an old lady’s bedroom. Please come quickly,” said the voice.

And who’s calling, please” the inspector asked.

There was a momentary silence at the other end. Then the voice whispered, “The thief !” .

In informal American English, and is sometimes dropped after the base form.

Let’s go see if Anne’s here.

Go jump in the river!

Come sit beside me.

But is used to indicate contrast as seen in the text below:

Management notice to employees


This will be accepted as an excuse, but we would like two weeks notice as we feel it is your duty to teach someone your job prior to or after death.

When you would like to suggest an alternative, you use or.

Teacher: Is America further away from us or is the moon at a greater distance?

Student: America!

Teacher: America ? Whatever gave you this idea

Student: Simple! We can always see the moon, from India, but not America!

When expressions are joined by and, but, or, we often leave out repeated words or phrases of various kinds.

Antique or modern furniture.

In France, Germany or Spain.

She can read, but can’t write.

The food and drinks are ready.

Phil and Sally washed the dishes.

Playing .mp4 files in Linux


Now this is a problem which i was facing for a long time in both Ubuntu and Mandriva. I wasnt able to play .mp4 format files . Now i have a solution and  i am sharing it with you. I stumbled upon this simple solution in and the solution was posted by Fabián Rodríguez , whom i appreciate for his different thinking . Now to the solution…

Just convert the .mp4 file into a .ogv file and you will be able to play it in any video player in Linux. 🙂

The conversion can be done by installing ffmpeg2theora and using the following syntax in Terminal.

$ ffmpeg2theora  filename.mp4

the output is a clone of filename.mp4 but with a .ogv extension (say filename.ogv). That video file is playable in a ll video players.

It took me 3 mins (approx) for converting a 18MB .mp4 video file and the video/audio quality didnt get affected in any way.

Pronoun perfect

This article is published in the Tuesday  issues of Deccan Chronicle .

Micmanz Lanugage Improvement series

Many of us are not clear about how to use the pronoun. But it is fairly simple, if you remember a few rules. Because a pronoun refers to an already-used noun or takes the place of that noun, you have to use the correct pronoun to make it clear which noun is being referred to.

If the pronoun takes the place of a singular noun, the pronoun must also be singular.

Incorrect usage: If a student crosses the road, they must check the traffic situation.

Correct usage: If a student crosses the road, he must check the traffic situation.

Words such as ‘each’, ‘anyone’, ‘neither’, ‘everybody’, ‘anybody’, ‘nobody’, ‘someone’, ‘a person’, etc are singular and will take a singular pronoun. You will not say —Neither of the boys brought their books to school. You will say —Neither of the boys brought his books to school. You will not say — Everybody should do their best in the exams. You will say — Everybody should do his or her best in the exams. If you find this rule difficult, it is better to use a plural noun so that you can use a plural pronoun as well — You must all do your best in the exams.’

Look at this example — Although the cloth fell on the floor it was not stained. Here you do not know what was stained the cloth or the floor. You should be specific about the noun — Although the cloth fell on the floor, the cloth was not stained.

Remember the ‘same person’ rule. If you are writing in “first person” (I), don’t switch to the “second person” (you) or “third person” (he, she, they, it, etc.). Similarly, if you are using the “second person,” don’t switch to “first” or “third.”

The glorious days of IT industry have ended

Thomas Siebel

The Information Technology industry is no more a business sector that would produce outsized returns. According to Thomas M. Siebel ,chairman of First Virtual Group, “ the promise of the post-industrial society has been realized ” , and the future businesses  should address food, water, health care and energy sectors.

As a part of his analysis , Siebel adviced IT students to opt for a different specialisation.He was quoted saying , “if I were graduating today, I would get on a boat and I would get off in Shanghai.”  The glorious years of IT industry were from 1980-2000 when spending on IT grew at an annual rate of 17 percent as opposed to 3 percent observed now. Hereafter , no new technological advances would help replace the computer technology we already have.
The technical needs of most of the industries have been satisfied to a  large extent and any new innovations in this sector  are expected to be few.

source :

NY times