Use your idioms right

Micmanz Lanugage Improvement series

The English language is full of phrases and idioms that we often use without understanding them. Here are some popularly used idioms and their meanings…

Eager beaver: A person who is eager to work extra.

Example: Seema is a real eager beaver and she will do very well in her job.

Get on one’s high horse: Behave with arrogance.

Example: Seema is always getting on her high horse and telling people what to do.

Hold one’s horses: Be patient.

Example: Hold your horses while I finish this typing.

In the doghouse: In disgrace or disfavour.

Example: He is in the doghouse with his teacher because he did not do his homework.

Let the cat out of the bag: Reveal a secret.

Example: The teacher let the cat out of the bag when she told the class about the picnic plans.

Put the cart before the horse: Do things in the wrong order.

Example: Organising an event around a movie before buying tickets is putting the cart before the horse.

Take the bull by the horns: Take decisive action and not worry about the results.

Example: My mother decided to take the bull by the horns and arrange my sister’s wedding.

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