Mavizen TTX02 : The Linux motorcycle


TTX02 is the world’s first production electric supersport bike. So what is so special about it? Well,the heart of this 130mph racing machine is a Linux system.

Other features include :

  • First motorsport vehicle in the world to ship with integrated IP connectivity
  • Core operating system is open source Linux
  • USB based system bus allows virtually unlimited number of peripherals to extend the capabilities of the machine with plug’n’play
  • Remote factory support package available
  • Swappable drive train and batteries at trackside. Common chassis for multiple racing series.
  • Multiple configurations available depending on the racing series.
  • Built on a homologated, world class chassis
  • Drive train developed from the TTXGP Isle of Man 2009 Champion
  • Strictly limited numbers.

Hurry! only limited numbers are available. 50 units are available at around US$40,000 each :-p

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