IE issue: The back button and the HTML form

Recently, while working on my first JSP project i noticed that, while testing a form in Internet Explorer8,  whenever i navigated back to a form using the back button(either the one you coded or the one provided by IE browser)the form fields remained uncleared, except the password field(Thank God!). The form i coded is one that updates an Ms-Access database.Duplicate entries in field corresponding to the primary key of my database would throw an error.

The reason why IE has not cleared the form field is because of its caching technique. Googling on this problem led me to this Microsoft webpage.

I tried the solution prescribed by them  but was not successful. I even tried calling a Javascript function when submit button is pressed.This function submits the form values to the intended destination page and then resets the form fields.This technique did not succeed either.

So my verdict is please switch over to Mozilla Firefox, because it is very developer friendly and of course user friendly. Firefox rocks!!

The  following  sites may also help you:

* Clear a form on a web page after the details have been submitted….

* Clear cache of form’s field

* self clearing forms


2 comments on “IE issue: The back button and the HTML form

  1. That response doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence. I.e. you can’t figure something or other out yet expect people to also take your advice on which browser to use.

  2. IE is a nightmare for programmers. This is just an example i quoted. There are several such instances which you may ask web designers yourself. Imagine! i spent 2 days to make my code firefox compatible and more than a week breaking my head to make it compatible with IE.

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