Footprints of Photoshop

The world famous Photoshop software which we use now started as a grayscale display. Developed by Thomas Knoll in 1987, this software has become a handy tool for animators as well newbies in the art of  image manipulation.

Here are some nice articles on the path taken by Photoshop to achieve this special place:

Back to basics: Linux for noobs

Just a few  basic information for anyone who has not been introduced to/ is interested in knowing the answer for “What is this Linux buzz all about?”

Invoking installed apps from c code

This is a simple tutorial for invoking installed applications from code written in C language.

Here we go ….

the key function is system() that serves the purpose.

The code is self explanatory.

I am invoking firefox through this code. When i execute this code firefox browser popups up.

The output is as follows:

The function system() is defined inside stdlib.h

enclosed herewith

Question: In business letters ‘enclosed herewith’ is invariably used. Is this correct?

Answer: Enclosed herewith would mean that there is another thing to look at besides the letter. Enclosed Herein means that the letter itself contains the information the addresee seeks. Not changing or subject to change (invariably) would not apply. For it can be changed.

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