Resolving the “shutter” bug

shutter - screenshot tool for Linux

Shutter is an excellent screenshot tool for Linux.

I have noticed that in the Shutter application under Ubuntu 10.04, the edit option remained  disabled. I thought it was a bug and began searching for soultions and ended up with this one:
The edit option remains disabled because libgoo-canvas-perl package is missing. So manually install it using the following command:
$ sudo apt-get install  libgoo-canvas-perl

download size is 253kB.

Additionally install one more package:
$ sudo apt-get install gnome-web-photo

download size is 44.2kB.
Bingo! shutter back in form 🙂

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Speech supremacy

Sometimes we get confused in our use of two similar words. For example your and you’re. Now both are pronounced alike but the golden rule to remember is that the apostrophe is a substitute for a missing letter— in this case it means you are. The missing word is ‘a’.
Example: Seema told Raja, “You’re really looking good today.”

Your on the other hand is the possessive form of you.
Example: Your car has a flat tyre.

Let us look at another example of the proper use of the words its and it’s.
Its is the possessive form of it.
Example: My cat ate its dinner.

But it’s has an apostrophe so that means the word has a missing letter. The missing letter is ‘i.’
Example: It’s (it is) a beautiful sweater.

We now come to another commonly made mistake. The use of ‘I’ versus ‘me’.
The rule to remember here is that I is a subject pronoun while me is an object pronoun. According to well-known grammarian, Paul Brians,
A subject is the noun/pronoun that performs the action of the verb to which it is linked, while an object is a noun/pronoun that receives the action of the subject-verb pair.”
Example: I threw the ball to you
You kicked the ball to me

Remember to be careful when you use these while creating a compound subject or object
Example: Seema and I went to a film together
Example: You must come with Seema and me

The best way to determine which pronoun to use in such cases is to eliminate the other person and the “and”.

Let’s look at the same examples again
Remove: Seema and
Which is correct? “I/me went to a film together”

Obviously you can’t say me went to a film together — so the correct usage is I. Now put back the removed words — Seema and I went to a film together

Similarly remove Seema and from the second example
Which is correct? You must come with I/me
Obviously you can’t say you must come with I — so the correct usage is You must come with Seema and me.

This article is published in the Tuesday  issues of Deccan Chronicle .

Opening an external html file through Java

Q. How do i invoke an external application(web browser) to display an html page?

A. Perseverance and Patience are those which helped me to reach the solution to this problem. I spent more than 4 hours to find a solution, encountering many tips in the web, only to find at the end that all it takes is to pay attention to  subtle facts like “spaces” and “slashes”.

Here is how you get things to work.
First,  create an html file and name it as “sample.html“. Place it anywhere you  wish.
Next, you need to code the following:

Here, as you would have observed, browser contains the path to Internet Explorer browser and url contains the path to sample.html.

What you would not have observed is the “space” i have left in the browser path, at the end, after iexplore.exe.

This is what that matters and not placing this space is what makes many programmers break their heads making them think that runtime.exec doesn’t work. Also note the slash in the file path and browser path. I have used  forward slash at all instances. This would be obvious to you from the error message you get when you try to replace any of them  with backward slash.

Thats it!

Just run the code and enjoy!

Pass this tip to your colleagues!

Installing MySql Workbench in Fedora

MySQL Workbench is a nice GUI frontend tool for MySql.

First, to install it i downloaded the rpm package from MySql website. Then i tried installing it by using the rpm installer found by default
in my system. However there were some dependency problems and so it didnt get installed.

Then i found the following tip at
yum localinstall mysql-workbench-whatever.rpm
It was said that the above command would resolve and install the dependencies.But that failed too!

finally in the same website i found another tip to get through the installation. Just execute the following commands:

rpm -Uvh remi-release-11.rpm
yum –enablerepo=remi install mysql-workbench

and yes! finally i succeeded 🙂

Then i found something else interesting: Navicat

You can download and use the non-commercial edition for free. Get it <here>