Microsoft to extend MS Office suite online

Microsoft has been losing heavily to the victories of Google online and the Desktop ruler has not been able to break Google’s web monopoly till date. Now MS seems to be serious about its business online and has mimicked Google’s idea of Online Office suite. MS Office 2010 is now accessible and usable online just like how you might have been using  Google docs. This  will let customers access, share and collaborate on documents online.

The collective name for these apps(Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote) is “Office Web Applications“.These are expected to be lightweight versions that share the same name as their desktop counterparts.But there seems to be a catch.  Users will not to able to edit the documents they are viewing through a browser unless  they have Office installed on their computer.

For users who do have Office on their machine,when they click to edit a document, it will be downloaded into the version of Office they have  on the desktop—Office 2003 and Office 2007 are supported.  When changes are made and the document is saved, the changes are automatically saved to the online version of the document.” : an MS spokeswoman told eweek magazine.

The “Office Web applications” will be available to consumers through Office Live, a service which has both ad-funded and subscription options Google claims that  Microsoft’s new suite of office productivity applications, lacks the cloud collaboration chops that Google has honed over the last four years with its cloud-based Google Docs offerings.

Whoever competes..whatever is the competition..the ultimate beneficiary is the user 🙂

I need to make a special mention about yet another company that has long been offering similar office productivity
applications online. It’s ZOHO. Enough said! try it yourself and comment here on how you feel using it.

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