33 comments on “Cognitive Radio Network Simulator installation

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  2. Hey Manoj, I see that you are working with CRCN simulator. I have jus started with it. Do you have any example scripts to run for it for the single radio multiple channel configuration. If you find some, pls let me know too

  3. Hi Serene!
    Visit CRCN official site.
    Download the CRCN gui jar file they provide.
    I guess there are some sample scripts bundled into it!

  4. Hello Manoj,

    I did check with the scripts there. I basically want to work with a single radio multi-channel environment but the channelindex_ variable that given in the packet header is not taking any values or the lower layer as they say should support this decision is probably not supporting the decision. Can you help?

    Thanks a lot!

  5. Hi Serene!
    I am sorry to say that apart from installing CRCN, I got no knowledge about it. I learnt the installation part to help out my colleagues who have just started into CRCN.

  6. Oh Thats so good to hear 🙂
    Instead of a thanks you can contribute your findings to the world.
    A small step can make a big change.

  7. LOKESH,
    I have the same problem at step 8, “make depend” error, have you solved it yet? I installed ns2 2.31.

    undefined reference to `hdr_wcett::offset_’
    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
    make: *** [ns] Error 1

  8. for “make: *** [depend] Error 2″ in ubuntu do the following.

    sudo rm /bin/sh
    sudo ln -s /bin/bash /bin/sh

  9. Hello all im trying to install CRCN. should i first install ns2.31 and then install crcn? can anyone explain plz.

  10. Hi, I am getting same error as LOKESH
    Every version of softwares, (ns-2, jre etc) is as per this pages requirements. yet I am getting error at step 8 when trying “make depend”

  11. hy there!
    I am trying to run makefile but its giving following error. please advice
    Makefile:520: *** commands commence before first target.

  12. i have installed ns 2.31 on ubuntu 10.04 . when I do make depend it gives me this error. Thanks for your help.

    make: *** [depend] Error 2

  13. hey
    thanks for the post

    am having a doubt

    i have download ns2 all in one , but there is no Makefile in it…. though there is makefile.vc and makefile.in

    as a result am not able to move ahead from step 6 onwards
    this the error i get

    root@susheel-Compaq-Presario-CQ40-Notebook-PC:/home/susheel/Desktop/ns-allinone-2.31/ns-2.31# make
    make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.

    please help……..

    am really badly stuck….

    thanks a lot

  14. when i use this command for example ns random.tcl
    i found errors also that is happend with most codes ..
    what is the solution help me plz …

  15. hello,sir
    I’ve installed crcn but there are two problems (i)when i typed in “nam filename.nam” to see the animation file,only the nam console came without any nodes or any output.how do i get proper animation windpw?
    (ii) in crcn gui when i pressed interference button,then just a blank screen comes.what do i do to get it correctly.
    Please help/guid me, sir


  16. while running sample tcl file which is located inside crcn folder ,i am getting error saying that unable to set channel
    but node is setting without any error

  17. when I run ‘make depend’, I get :
    make: *** [depend] Error 1

    A few lines before it are as follows:
    internet.cc emulate/ping_responder.cc emulate/arp.cc emulate/icmp.cc emulate/net-pcap.cc emulate/nat.cc emulate/iptap.cc emulate/tcptap.cc common/tclAppInit.cc common/tkAppInit.cc >& /dev/null

    Please help.

  18. Hi naresh
    plz i am having few challenges in CRCN installation on NS-2.35, could you please help
    thanks in advance

  19. Hi
    I install ns-2.31 in ubuntu 12.04 64 bit .I want to install CRCN , but in step 8 when I used command “make ” , i get this error :
    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
    make: *** [ns] Error 1
    can you help me , I really need it ..

  20. I cannot download CRCN for the directed source ..says
    Not Found

    The requested URL /~ljialian/crcn.zip was not found on this server.

    Apache/2.2.3 (Red Hat) Server at stuweb.ee.mtu.edu Port 80..

    Expecting help from anybody out here…

    Thank You.

  21. Hello every one ,I got the same error for the last command ‘make’.The response to the command ‘make’ is “collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
    make: *** [ns] Error 1”.Any idea to fix it??????

  22. Good day sir,
    lease I install ns-2.31 in ubuntu 12.04 64 bit .I want to install CRCN , but when I used command “make ” , i get this error :
    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
    make: *** [ns] Error 1
    can you help me , I really need it ..
    please email leyemartins@yahoo.com

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