Connecting to Belkin N150 in Ubuntu 10.10

belkin ubuntu10.10

I had bought a Belkin router few months back. The label on the router box said that it supports only Windows and Mac operating systems. I wondered why it can’t support Linux(Ubuntu) when it could sense a Mac. So I set out on a frustrating journey to find out how to make my Compaq Presario CQ50 dual booting Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.10 to be able to detect my Belkin N150 router in Ubuntu.

First, I created a wireless connection in the Network Manager. It should be noted that the wifi button on my laptop never toggled between ON and OFF. It was always turned ON.The “Wireless Networks” option in Network Manager applet either read as “device not ready” or “wireless network disabled”. Moreover I was conveniently able to connect to wired Internet.

So I probed for the driver used by my system.

$ ethtool -i eth0 

My driver was r8169, which I downloaded from this[1] site.

I installed it as instructed in that downloaded package.

Next, I ran the following command to list all the wired and wireless connections available for my system.

$ ifconfig -a 

Surprisingly, it showed an entry “wlan0” for the wireless network, apart from “eth0” and “lo” for wired and loopback connection.

So, I thought of enabling the wireless connection using the following command:

$ sudo ifconfig wlan0 up 

But, that threw an error “SIOCSIFFLAGS: Operation not possible due to RF-kill” so I googled for solutions using that error message and I chanced upon this[2], this[3] and this[4] solutions.

Based on the instructions in those sites i did the following:

$ rfkill list 

the result was:

0: hp-wifi: Wireless LAN

Soft blocked: yes

Hard blocked:no

1: phy0: Wireless LAN

Soft blocked: no

Hard blocked: no

Now we would reach the solution if we set “Soft Blocked” to “yes” for hp-wifi.

So i did:

$ sudo rm /dev/rfkill 

then restarted laptop and then again in the terminal:

$ sudo rfkill unblock 0 


$ sudo rfkill unblock wifi 

and then finally,

$ sudo ifconfig wlan0 up 

Bingo! it worked. The wireless networks were now detected by my ubuntu 10.10





5 comments on “Connecting to Belkin N150 in Ubuntu 10.10

  1. Howdy! Manoj,

    I suggest you give Trisquel GNU+Linux a try. It has a history of having good support for wireless internet connectivity. Trisquel as you might know is based on ubuntu , but the makers of the distribution ensure that all software/programs that go into the system are free (free as in freedom) software.

    Here is the link to Trisquel GNU+Linux’s homepage :

  2. Trisquel :
    Do give your feedback to me after you have test drived Trisquel GNU+Linux. I suggest you run a Live Session of Trisquel GNU+Linux and check if the wireless works out of the box. If it all works fine, you should consider switching to Trisquel GNU+Linux as the folks at Trisquel promise that the distribution only contains free (free as in freedom) software.

    Here is a related link :


    And my blog, yes I have deleted it. Alas!. But I have transferred the content to a different sub-domain :

    Here is my last post in my blog before I deleted it :

    This is only for archival purpose, I don’t have the mind to post anything in the blog at present.

  3. what you need to do is to go to belkin website and chat with the web support and they solve your problem in 5 minutes. No much Technical knowledge is needed. OR you can follow the below steps too to get started in 2 minutes. I have done the same with me I am Ubuntu User

    Please locate the reset hole on the router. The button will be on the back or side of the router. Use a paperclip (or something similar) to press and hold in the reset button for 10 to 20 seconds and then release it.

    Note: The router light will begin to blink. When the router light becomes solid again, the reset is complete.

    Connect your modem to the WAN port (Yellow) on your router.
    Connect the computer to one of the four LAN ports on the router.
    Open a web browser [Mozilla firefox] and type in the address bar and press Enter on your keyboard.
    Click on Login in the upper right-hand corner of the page. The router does not ship with an administrator password, so just click on Submit.
    On left panel, click on Connection Type under Internet WAN and it will prompt for the Router password.
    By default, there is no password set, so leave it blank and click on the Submit button.
    Select the Connection Type as PPPoE and then click on Next.
    Enter the Username and Password provided by ISP, then click on Apply Changes.

    * Check the Internet Status on top right of Belkin Router Setup Page, it should say Connected.

    If not, unplug the power cable of Router and Modem; leave it OFF for 30 Seconds. Connect the Power cable to Modem first and then the router.

    Then please try accessing Internet wired and wirelessly through the Belkin router. Also check the light status on the router, it should be solid blue now.

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