This page lists the books that i feel, are good at dealing with the topics they illustrate. It is definitely worth to buy them. In all these books simplicity(in language) and the presentation is what that mattered.

and here we go ….


UML: A Beginner’s Guide
Author: Jason T. Roff

This is the best book  for understanding the UML concepts. I had lots of confusion in UML concepts, which was partly formed by the other books and online materials i chanced upon, but this book made things clear. I chanced upon this book in a public library and grew to love it ever since then.

First look


Internetworking with TCP/IP: Principles, protocols, and architecture
Author: Douglas Comer

Before i was introduced to this book i used to blindly memorise my lab programs that used socket programming. This is an excellent book that explains clearly about each function used in socket programming and could help a lot in understanding the TCP/IP concepts. I am wondering why Anna University overlooks such books.

First look

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