Apple gives into China’s pressure

Those who logged into the iPhone maps to have a glimpse of communistic China, would have been shocked and surprised to see a new addition to its territory. As you guessed it right, it is Arunchal Pradesh(AP) that is shown as part of China.
AP is in fact a part of democratic India. Apple Inc. has been literally forced by China into showing it this way, mainly because it lured the former about the business possibilities in its market and to step into which the support of the communist government is needed. More than 200,000 Chinese are expected to become owners of the iPhone 4 in coming weeks, following its recent launch.

Currently, the Chinese people are using Virtual Private Networks(VPN) to gain access to websites that are not blocked by the Chinese censorship programme. So with that possibility, they have been advised by bloggers all over the world to use Google maps as an error-free alternative.

எங்கே செல்லும் இந்த பாதையே…..

New symbol for INR

India is one of the earliest issuers of coins in the world (circa 6th century BC), along with the Chinese wen and Lydian staters.The derivative word Rūpaya was used to denote the coin introduced by Sher Shah Suri during his reign from 1540 to 1545 CE. Formerly the rupee was divided into 16 annas, 64 paise, or 192 pies.

All that is history, now we have got something more to add to it. Indian rupees would no longer be denoted by ” Rs.”, we have got  a new symbol

The Indian Finance Ministry had conducted a contest and has selected this symbol from the final 5. The new symbol for Indian Rupee has been designed by Udaya Kumar Dharmalingam from  Tamil Nadu. He is also an alumni of IIT Bombay. UdhayaKumar also has credit for designing a tamil font named “Parashakti” as a mini project at IDC. He is awarded a cash prize of Rs.2 lakh, but more than that his name has been recorded in the history of Indian Rupee.

Hey, let me end up with a question!
When will our keyboards start refelecting the new Indian Rupee Symbol? 😉

Do check out the blog post, of another participant of the contest, <here>.

Glimpses from the history of Indian Rupees:

Sher Shah’s Indian Rupee

Indian One Rupee in the year 1917

Rs.5 in the year 1922

Image source: wikipedia

VIT professor gets US patent for hydrogen production method

A professor at the VIT University in Vellore has been awarded a process and technology patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for conceiving a system for the production,storage and dispensation of hydrogen from encapsulated metal hydride shells for running vehicles more efficiently.

Professor R Natarajan,general manager,Energy Centre, VIT University,received the patent certificate last week.
The patented technique is modelled on a twochamber /tank process in vehicles.When the hydrogen production from the first tank is stopped,the second tank starts automatically producing hydrogen and thus ensures continuous supply of hydrogen.A US company is using a similar concept but through a single-tank technique,which is complex, Natarajan said.duced by reacting sodium hydride with water.This is unlike the conventional process,where sodium hydride is heated to a high temperature and then decomposed to produce sodium and hydrogen.Also in this technique one mole of sodium hydride will give one mole of hydrogen,unlike the conventional process where two moles of sodium hydride is required to produce one mole of hydrogen, he explained.
Another advantage is that the hydrogen is produced at required rate and pressure only and hence ensures safety in the storage and transportation of hydrogen.Since metal hydride is encapsulated inside plastic balls even in case of accidents we dont expect any fire or explosion hazard, he said.
We understand that ISRO is working along with Tata Motors to develop and demonstrate a hydrogen fuel cell bus for which the fuel cell is imported from Canada.They can adopt the hydrogen dispensing system developed by us instead of importing and using the liquid hydrogen or high pressure hydrogen storage and dispensing system, he added.

Fuel for Future
Professor R Natarajan conceived a system for the production,storage and dispensation of hydrogen from encapsulated metal hydride shells This makes vehicles run more efficiently Technique is modelled on a two-chamber /tank process Under the patented technique,hydrogen can be produced by reacting sodium hydride with water Method ensures safety in the storage and transportation of hydrogen.

This article  has been extracted from “The Times of India” .

Follow the leader policy: Cellphone revolution in India

At first it was Reliance group of companies that made possible the scenario which we see today. Just like Bill Gates wanted to seea computer in every home…” , Reliance’s   proclaimed dream of “ a mobile in everyone’s hand.. 😉 ” did succeed. The horrible days of getting charged Rs.2(approx) even for incoming calls were over. I remember as a high school kid i used to observe the craze for  mobile phones infecting everyone. Nokia,Sony and service providers like Airtel made good use of this opportunity and now top the “most users” list. Reliance didn’t persist in its goal,perhaps, because now Reliance GSM or CDMA doesn’t stand in the front line of lock horn competition in the mobile market though they are the trendsetters.

And yet another important revolution was seeded by TATA DOCOMO that introduced the pulse rating concept. The best deal ever of charging a call at 1paise/sec. Other service providers who were indulged in  day light robbery had no other option than to follow suit .

TRAI is expected to come down heavily on service providers who charge too much for sms(even 50 paisa per sms is too much! more on that here). Reliance communications made a quick and clever move  made by announcing two great tariff plans. Either you can send an sms for 1paisa or unlimited sms for a daily rental of Re.1/day. And that sets the stage for yet another revolution in the ever growing mobile market in India.

And in all these cases the ultimate beneficiary is the consumer and thats what we want! 🙂

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