The emergence of a new generation


Well i am not an old man at the time of writing this article, to sit back and think about the new generation of boys and girls that interest me by their attitude and talents. I am very lucky to have been placed in such a situation to comfortably observe and sometimes feel jealous of this new generation which travelled with me everyday in my college bus under the hood of “college juniors”. Adhi,Viswa,Hari,Rahul,Mani,Dinesh,Solo, Aiyer,Hemanth and lot of others too. The “nagirthaana thinanana” group. Leave aside that  big mouth girl whom i am sure Viswa knows well(dont mistake that person for our ATA magalir ani thalaivi from royapuram). These guys have got lot of talents and do pretty well in studies too. What took my generation to learn in 4 years, these guys knew in first year. And those knowledge as you might have misconceived are definitely not related to Engineering  😛

Viswa is an excellent photographer and one who proves me most times that inorder to be a connoisseur of photography you must be ready to spend lots of money on Cameras. He owns an SLR camera and i am sure he is going to reach greater heights. I compare him with Madhavans character in the movie 3 Idiots(a movie based on a story written by a real idiot). He does well in photography and at the same time scored above 80% in his first semester exams. How do you do it da? I hear that most of the times you put kadalai with girls 😡 through sms.

Adhi a connoisseur of music and a die hard fan of ARR. Even when his performance is average, i have seen his friends  appreciating  his performance to be the best. He is really lucky to have such a circle of friends. I then rewind my mind to think about my U.G days and end up :(. Adhi’s biggest strength and biggest weakness > his mouth

And  not to forget the script writer Rahul. I felt that he is got something different in his head after i read his blog post, where he spoofed the climax of the movie “Naadodigal” to “kalachify” his class girls who topped in Chemistry class The second instance was a love story which he gave me to read one day in college bus. The script was written in simple english with few negligible grammatic errors, but it was touching. Vinaithaandi Varuvaya part2.

The post can well be made longer to include the descriptions of Dinesh, bottle Mani and solo   but let me stop here because you wont be interested to read it beyond this as it is not a post on science or s**. However i would like to attribute the success of this emerging generation to their parents who seem to successfully fill in generation gap. Hats off parents!

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