Google to logout of China: The countdown starts

Google is expected to wind up its operations in China, by april 10, though this news has not been officially released by them. Googles move to quit China was brought to the knowledge of the tech community after it announced about its plan in January  this year. Googles decision was the result of the restrictions imposed by the Chinese government to filter its search results. Google currently holds  35 percent of the Chinese search market, compared to its local competitor Baidu which dominates with 60 percent share. Baidu was in news recently for its fraudulent high-cost-per-click advertisements that blocked smaller websites in its search results for not opting-in to Baidu’s advertising pograms.

The Chinese government seems to have no regret for its moves in the Google issue  and its  Minister for  Industry and Information Technology has been quoted saying that Google should either abide to the law or pay the consequences, giving no sign of possible compromise in their dispute over the censorship and hacking.

Even if Google shuts down its Google labs, it would continue to run a development center in Beijing for a full fledged mobile  phone business. The workforce at the Google camp in china is expected to be around 700.

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Code Bubbles : re-thinking the concept of IDE

A software team at Brown university has developed an IDE for Java called Code Bubbles that is the talk of the town in the developer community. Code Bubbles distinguishes itself from the “traditional” IDEs by basing itself on the concept of “fragmentation instead of flat files”.

The following video has got more to speak. Have a look and i recommend reading <this>  article .

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Footprints of Photoshop

The world famous Photoshop software which we use now started as a grayscale display. Developed by Thomas Knoll in 1987, this software has become a handy tool for animators as well newbies in the art of  image manipulation.

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Whats hot in the grey market? Windows7 !

windows 7


Software piracy is the biggest concern for top software makers in countries like India and China. The former loses about $2.8 billion every year because of piracy.

The current hot sale in the software market is   Windows 7 and those cds are sold for as less than Rs.50 per dvd.The full version of Windows 7 software available with black marketers does not even require a key, which is a 16 character alphanumeric unique number that comes with an officially purchased software. Many customers are cheated by being given the Windows7 beta version and the Windows7 RC(release candidate), which will expire on June 2010 and therein the computers would shutdown every 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, a Microsoft India spokesman cautioned customers against buying pirated software. “The battle against piracy is an on-going one. A recent report by KPMG states that at least 60% of pirated software comes with malware,” he said.

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Approximate cost of Windows 7  editions in India :
Windows 7 Home Basic – Rs. 5,899
Windows 7 Home Premium – Rs. 6,799
Windows 7 Professional – Rs. 11,199
Windows 7 Ultimate – Rs. 11,799