Give way for HTML 5!

Adobe Flash Plugin  required to view this video…

This sounds as a familiar sentence doesn’t it?  The reason for this and the many “additional plugin required”  messages is because the existing HTML version is limited. It has no support for embedding videos,audio etc. The existing version of HTML is 4.01 and the last revision to this standard was back in 2000. HTML had not been updated since then, but this won’t be for long.

HTML5 is gonna rock the future!

Let me take you for a short walk through history. A group named Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group(WHATWG) was formed few years back over this dispute with World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). This dispute was over the adoption of XHTML over HTML. It is this group that began its work on HTML5 in 2004. Though HTML5 is not officially released now, a sneak into its features makes one excited.

So what does HTML5 have for an everday Internet user and a creative web developer?

A major benefit of HTML5 is direct support for Drawing,Animation,Audio and Video. And that means we need not rely on third-party plugins to view video, audio and all such stuffs. No more time would be wasted on integrating addons like Flex,Flash or Silverlight and customising it for the task at hand. DOM and HTML support would lessen the work and deliver rich content demanded by users. GPS based instant location tracking, Local Client Side data storage support that may be useful to store for eg. the items purchased online, improved text inputs, search boxes and other fields and many many eye candy stuffs.

Ok! enough words..see them in action.

With some expectations click here to see an interactive presentation on HTML5 powered by “itself”.

Tentative list of tags to be supported by HTML5:

Youtube has rolled out an experimental version of its HTML5 enabled channel. Try it out  <here>

Google chrome no more beta


Google Chrome is a free web browser developed by Google and based on the WebKit layout engine and application framework. It currently has a share of about 1% of the browser market. It was first released as a beta version for Microsoft Windows on September 2, 2008. The name is derived from the graphical user interface frame, or “chrome”, of web browsers.

Google has now removed Chrome out of beta status after being  satisfied with its stability and performance goals .Google was and continues to be eager to get Chrome out to many people, Beta or not. They advertise for it using AdSense, they show special links on YouTube pages, and last not least, they promoted Chrome on their homepage.

Chrome Features include:

  • Tabbed browsing where each tab gets its own process, leading to faster and more stable browsing. If one tab crashes, the whole browser doesn’t go down with it.
  • A distinct user interface that places tabs on top of the browser window instead of right below the address bar.
  • An “incognito” mode that lets you browse the web in complete privacy because it doesn’t record any of your activity.
  • A new JavaScript engine built from the ground up for speed.
  • Malware and phishing lists that automatically update themselves and warn you of bad websites.
  • A default homepage that displays your most commonly used sites and other personalized information .


Additional Links :

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[Windows] Setup your own PHP and MySQL web server in minutes

Many applications in languages like PHP and CMS like Joomla  require the use of a local webserver to test and debug applications.

IIS can be used in Windows, but, PHP and mySQL needs to be installed separately for IIS.
As an alternative,i recommend  WampServer can be used.

WAMP = Web server + PHP + mySQL

WAMP is a one click install web server, just install the software and it will start to run in system tray, click on it and select “Put online“.
Your website / web application needs to be placed inC:\wamp\wwwfolder, if “C” is your system drive.
Your webserver can be accessed at this location, http://localhost/ or
Make sure to allow firewall exceptions in order for the server to work.

download WAMP2.0 here